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Demons & Aliens – One & The Same?


The below is essentially a summary of current thinking in the blogosphere about UFOs and the existence of non-terrestrial intelligent life. If you read it and understand it, you need read no more, and save yourself some time.


Are some Unidentified Flying Objects actually alien spacecraft? Possibly.

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– If there are other living beings on other planets in the Universe;
– And some of those beings have developed practical interstellar space travel;
– And most planets in the Universe are dead;
– Why wouldn’t those beings come and visit gorgeous Planet Earth?

But wait!

Aliens tend to have the following qualities:


– Are insubstantial in material terms;
– Are perceived mostly by psychic means;
– Dwell in the lower atmosphere*;
– Have variants on classic demon names like Ashtar (Astarte/Ashtaroth), Semjaze (Semjaza) and Moraney (Moroni);
– Deny key aspects of Christianity (e.g. the divinity of Christ);
– Grant power on foot of dangerous bargains**;
– Leave scorch marks;
– Cause fear in the humans they encounter;
– Torture human beings.

These are the traditional characteristics of demons.

It would be lovely to think that benevolent aliens from distant planets walk among us, except they behave too much like man’s oldest foe.

So, mortal men, beware! At least some instances of UFO phenomena may simply be the demons of Hell taking advantage of a modern fixation; Godless people are more comfortable with the idea of aliens, so they give the public what it wants. In the background, one or more central tenets of Christianity are denied and so the credulous go to Hell when they die.

The fool thinks he is being initiated into a great secret. The wise man knows that this is merely an update on an old lie: “You shall be like God!”

The trick is, the knowledge will make your life worse long-term, not better. You give away your liberty, life and soul for nothing.

That said, solely based upon my reading of some very unusual websites, if (big if!) there are truly independent, corporeal alien entities in our midst:

Reptilians and Greys are obviously out to subdue and enslave us and use us the way we use cattle. The rest need to be closely watched and judged on their behaviour, over time.

A crook can conceal his true self on day one. After months of acquaintance, the mask will slip, once, thrice and three times is the charm. Sadly, his victims often refuse to notice, as the realisation would be painful.

Politicians and entrepreneurs think they are clever. They never seem to deduce that there could be more than a few entities on our beautiful, desirable blue bauble that are a good deal smarter and more brutal than they are, and who covet our rich planet badly.

The indians of the New World gave away America to people like that. The Indians of the old world couldn’t see that the English were supporting the weak against the strong, and then took over completely.

We can see that is it likely that most planets in the universe are dead. How valuable then is our home? What would alien beings do when they find it?

Assume the worst. Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

PS: On some of the websites I’ve read it’s claimed that tyrannical aliens were forced off-planet in 2013. One reason is that, more charitable aliens felt that their actions were too destructive and not aligned with a/the long-term ‘cosmic agenda.’ If true, then good. The stories I read were utterly diabolical. The Reptilians & co were not just harming humans physically, they were harming them spiritually, by psycho-technical methods. Absolutely vile.

PPS: A UFO sighting can fall into one of the following categories:

– A lie.
– An hallucination.
– A natural aerial phenomenon misidentified.
– A common artificial human creation: light glinting on an aeroplane, a satellite or a mylar balloon.
– An uncommon artificial human creation: a new type of aeroplane or spacecraft which has not yet been publicised.
– A secret, human, highly-advanced space-capable ‘black’ project.
– An alien spacecraft.
– An alien interdimensional craft.
– Mere demonic activity designed to fool the humans into disbelieving Christ once more.

If you limit your categories, you miss hypotheses.


PPPS: Over the past few days I’ve been reading a long account of the history of alien activity on Earth as channelled by a psychic, who I think is semi-famous. It’s certainly detailed, but has elements that immediately arouse suspicion. These are it’s Gnostic elements which are primarily:

– A dualistic idea of God;
– The non-divinity of Christ;
– The reliance on accounts of spiritualist and non-material phenomena;
– The devil (Lucifer) portrayed as merely being understood;
– Traditional demons portrayed as mere aliens;
– The focus on ascension to near-godhood.

This is very disappointing and annoying. People can waste their lives on this trash and make themselves mentally and spiritually ill if they practice meditative techniques associated with this strain of occultism.

* Not all devils are subterranean. There is a class that are known to occultists as ‘demons of the air.’

** There are reports of 20th century governments making deals with ‘aliens’ in return for technical knowledge, usually weapons-based.