The Coronavirus Panic Is Hysteria But Shouldn’t Be Entirely Ignored

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A year later and two new variables have entered the equation:

1. Experimental vaccines, which a large portion of the population is rushing to take.

2. Ivermectin, a standard, commonplace, pre-existing anti-parasite drug which is being prescribed widely in tropical areas and of which some conservatives are wondering why it isn’t being tried, at all, in the West.

I am hoping either it, or the combination therapy Hydroxychloroquine + Ezithromycin + Zinc Sulphate, will be show to be at least good prophylactics, or even cures.

This will save the few of us who object to being guinea-pigs for novel medications and confirm what I now suspect: that our most outspoken technocratic leaders are either ignorant or diabolically oriented.

– Being wrong about Donald Trump we can ignore.
– Being wrong about Brexit we can jeer at.
– Willfully ignoring alternative treatments for Covid and bowing to the Cult Of The Scientist is grounds for prosecution. Terrible damage to our society will have been done to our society merely to comply with a bureaucratic zeitgeist.


Penultimate word:


Anyone going to crowded public places and not wearing protective gear is a fool. Basic sense: you don’t accept risk unless the rewards are worth it.

Exhaled breath can travel 6 feet and the more you intersect with others’ breath the greater your odds of catching a bug.

Such gadabouts are doing the more cautious a favour; they are the ‘canaries in the coal mine.’ Stay-at-homes can use them to see if, in two weeks’ time, there is another COVID ‘spike.’

Avoid touching surfaces others have touched. Avoid breathing in the exhaled breath of others. Wash your hands.


Ha ha. The middle class will be be all for ‘lockdown’, because they can work from home or are protected in some other way, until the economic effect of X million unemployed percolates upwards and they start losing their jobs.

Old saying: It’s a recession when your neighbour loses his job. It’s a depression when you do.


This generation thinks that having millions unemployed is manageable.

– Dole money comes from tax money. Brits are already taxed 33 – 50% already, with Income Tax, National Insurance, Value Added Tax, Council Tax, TV licence tax etc. Rents have risen to silly levels in recent years. If Britain tries to raise more, there could be a worse recession, riots, and eventually, a tyrannical government; a genuine depression will be the fuel. Currently, I think it will be ‘fascist’ i.e. not Leftist. The Left’s leadership has been exposed as being dull and petty-minded and boxed-in by their own ideology, at the moment.

Also: Why should people go back to work if they can get 80% of their wages paid by the Government, while staying at home? Plus, they are living in fear of getting a Dreadful Killer Disease, if they do.

The next month or so should be … interesting.


If the COVID Crisis turns out to be merely be a mere seasonal lurgy, in terms of truly attributable fatalities, there is one good possible outcome:

It may lessen the influence of the Managerial Class, and its subset the Chattering Class, on our society. They will be shown to be, once again, bad augurs, and thus not worth heeding.

It may also stiffen the spines and clear the heads of recent generations who’ve never suffered serious loss, in historical terms.

The Left is currently fairly quiet, as here is something their ideology can’t accommodate and they can’t easily blame the ‘fascists’ for. It can’t be boxed up and pigeonholed.

Also, they have achieved their goal: thousands of companies destroyed, millions of people on the dole. Unfortunately, they didn’t start it and they haven’t worked our yet how to profit from it. Yet.


– The NHS may be killing patients by putting them on ventilators when they don’t need it and damaging their lungs, which the virus is already attacking, so making the problem worse. CPAP or BiPAP machines are reportedly better.

— Therefore, sedating a patient and putting them on a ventilator may be a very BAD treatment. They can’t sit up and cough any gunk out and they can’t do anything to help themselves or tell the doctor how they feel.

– Ventilators need to be scrupulously maintained or they become a source of infection themselves.

– Infected NHS staff may be giving patients the virus, who do not have it when they come with unrelated symptoms.

— Bodging Britannia can’t/won’t pay for NHS staff to get proper protective equipment. It’s the same with the Armed Forces; they send young men to sandy countries to get their legs blown off because they won’t pay for proper armoured vehicles. And then they blather about ‘our brave boys’, because that costs nothing. From memory, this attitude goes back to the Napoleonic Wars; if you want decent kit, you have to buy it yourself.

– Some NHS staff seem to have time to choreograph dance routines.

– Big problem: the NHS has a political cult status which kind of makes it untouchable, even though other countries have better outcomes for serious diseases, like cancer, including little Ireland (pop. 4m.)

– Therefore ‘clapping the NHS’ may be a symptom of a national psychic disease.


It’s now nearly a month since most UK businesses started lockdown.
On 1st May 2020, many working-class people will face a rent demand they will not be able to pay.

From that point on, I predict the Managerial Class will find it harder to stop people going back to work. Unlike them, many of the Managed do not have resources sufficient to keep themselves going with no income.

Also: It will seep into the mass mind that the mortality rates are not wildly different to an ordinary flu season.

That many young British people are not healthy enough to fight off a serious infection, which has inflated the death statistics.

That patients with other serious underlying conditions have had COVID marked as cause of death.

That the Chattering Class have got it wrong, again.

That we have bludgeoned the economy based on hysteria and mere sentiment.

I knew something was off with the English Mass Mind when the death of Princess Diana Windsor (nee Spencer) occasioned a widespread public grief-fest. That was historically a-typical. The character of the people, as an entity, has changed.

Observe how the more a country moves away from monastic Christianity the more it cannot reason well; the mind darkens.


So what happens when we have COVID 20, 21, 22?
When can one legitimately say COVID 19 is no longer a threat?
Will vulnerable people now be taking a risk in going to a pub in a month, 6 months, a year’s time?

Probable: The vulnerable will have to isolate themselves when the infection alarm sounds, while the rest of us earn a living and take our chances. In other words, life, as per normal. Every mortal man dies one day.

We can’t be cooped up like chickens on the off-chance there’s a fox about.


– Now Bill Gates, the architect of the greatest software virus ever created, the Windows operating system, is using his billions to try to lecture the West how to deal with the latest biological virus.

What makes him an expert?

He reminds me of Bob Geldof scolding us to send money to Ethiopia, despite it being run by a brutal dictator. I perceive he is operating outside his core competence and lacks, or is ignoring, essential information.

– The ‘lockdown at all costs’ prating of our national newspapers is going to cost them sales, which may lead to some of them shutting down; if people can’t go to a newsagent, they can’t buy a paper. Their balance-sheets weren’t too healthy to begin with, they can’t seem to shake their knee-jerk leftism and online reporting is making them look stale.

– The Spectator writer Charles Moore has reportedly said, which I paraphrase: ‘The slogan is ‘Protect The NHS’. I thought the NHS is supposed to protect us?’ The point being that the UK NHS has become a god in itself, a national idol, and has lost its core purpose. _It_ must be perpetuated; the patients are, oddly, secondary. I think it was Nigel Lawson who said that the NHS has replaced the Anglican Church as the de-facto state religion of England.


For the record:

– COVID is being counted in some places (USA, Italy) as the cause of death even if there are other, serious underlying conditions;

– The UK computer model used to predict death rates has proved to wildly exaggerate the number of potential deaths;

– 10% of the 60m population of Italy is over 80;

– Modern Americans are often obese, as are many Irish and British. They take no exercise and eat processed food daily.

– All Westerners have been protected from early death by antibiotics, sterile environments, warm homes, obstetrics and a reasonably nutritious diet for at least three generations. People who would normally have died before old age, haven’t. As a result, I would say we are now a society of weaklings, if the number of people with serious allergies now living is any indicator.

– Many more people are leading decadent lifestyles than previously; drink, drugs, smoking, promiscuity, perversion and gluttony are making them morbid already. Thus more and more people now make trips to their doctor, pharmacist and hospital as part of normal life.

– Modern man is not getting enough sleep and is working through his illnesses. He thinks this is macho. Behaving this way when you are even slightly ill is a recipe for prolonged illness or even hospitalisation, when the adrenaline finally wears off and you’ve run down your energy reserves.

Thus, any serious contagion is going to kill many more than it might have done had we a hardier population. People who need constant medication just to stay alive or who are whey-faced most of their adult lives are not going to be able to fight off a novel virus easily.

– It would be very interesting to know how many truly healthy, 1 to 50 year-olds this disease has killed in the UK, USA, Ireland, Holland and Sweden. In the latter two countries I understand they’re not having ‘lockdowns’ at all.

– The West outsources production to China, a communist dictatorship, and kills off native businesses;
— Westerners spend their money (their reified labour) on Chinese goods;
— China creates this virus and kills or imprisons whistleblowers;
— Then sells the West dodgy equipment to cope with it;
— Then blames the USA for creating the bug;
— Then uses the money it earned selling the West consumer junk to buy up Western businesses cheaply whose share price has dropped in the recession created by the ‘pandemic’ shutdown;
— China increases, the USA decreases;
— The EU, which depends on the USA for its defence, does … nothing;
— Western leftists say … nothing;
— Score: China 3, West -1!


Still no tsunami of deaths.

Still no sign that any of you, beyond <1%, are at risk of death, if you are not old, not fat, not already ill with something else and not treated in a hospital where staff and patients are rife with COVID already!

Did you know that ventilators can actually harm the lungs, with prolonged or aggressive treatment?
Did you know that 80% of COVID patients put on ventilators die?
Did you know that UK hospitals have no treatment beyond ventilators and paracetamol if you are taken ill with COVID?
Did you know that there is precisely no mention of any other treatment for this disease in UK media, weeks into this crisis?

So what, precisely, are we supposed to be clapping the NHS for? Working very hard intubating people?

Some other relevant features of this panic:

– It is being used to advance agendas unrelated to the ‘crisis’ i.e:

— Mass inoculation (drugging) of the human herd;
— Control of movement;
— Control of association;
— Police extending their powers, unlawfully;
— Rule by diktat;
— Replacement of hard currency by electronic, to gain total government control of cash and wrest it from the possession of the working man at will;
— Imposition of a false, evil and ever-shifting morality, by an incompetent Managerial Class who seek to extend their control of society: from Lenin to the Leftists of today, their march through the institutions goes on!

Wouldn’t it be grimly amusing if the hippies of the 60’s were the spiritual fathers to totalitarian World oppression?

There is no bright, peaceful, prosperous future offered by any any strand of Com/Soc/Humanism; they all lead to a State of the privileged few, the coerced many and the rest executed by factory methods.

Personally and socially, when you go past Christ, there’s only the Virgin Mary, our last resort. When you go past the Virgin Mary, only the Devil awaits.


Another small feature of this ‘crisis’; the decrepit are being treated in hospitals where the staff are infected already, so they may be giving the poorly the final deadly push that will finish them off i.e. come in with one disease, or a mild form of COVID, get more viral load while in hospital, suddenly people are dying of pneumonia in hospital who shouldn’t, normally.

Far from being the jewel of the British welfare system, the NHS may simply be a bureaucratised, unhygienic dispenser of mere treatments dictated by middle managers and politicians, according to the mere fashions of the time.

God and his healing angels are not invoked, but Mammon instead. “More money for the NHS, so we can castrate boys at the taxpayer’s expense!”

If they aren’t trying the COVID cure mentioned below for political reasons, but just putting people on ventilators (which themselves can cause pneumonia!) then it is high time the Cult Of The NHS, like that of the BBC, was killed off.


Only one good thing about this ‘crisis’: once Da Peeple find out how badly they’ve been hobbled, and for what, they may start looking for better hierarchs in government, religion and media.

Fact: Your government has no money beyond tax revenues. No work = no tax = no ‘free money.’ So whatever extraordinary measure they say they will introduce, the coffers will be depleted and will not be topped up.

This lockdown is because politicians, elected on how cuddly they are, can’t make hard decisions for the long term greater good. e.g.

Yesterday: Bailing out bankers rather than suffer a short depression.

Today: The weak must be prolonged, whatever the cost, rather than face the fallout from biological facts (seasonal fatal illnesses). The Ruling Cabal might suffer upset to their life-styles if the elderly and the sick were to die in the spotlight of leftist media hysteria, instead of anonymously, as before.

People elected to the Church Of Nice can’t easily turn ’round and say “let the virus take the weakest, we go on.”

The upper classes can ride this out. Many others can’t. They will see a some financial discomfiture, you will see bankruptcy.

And still, no Mass, and more seriously, no Confession. The current bishops are … not very manly.

In the past the holy ones would risk disease to minister unto the needy. I’m not as surprised as I might be, but it’s a terrible indictment of those men who put on the purple, to lead a diocese. It’s just sad.


Given the mortality rate, this ‘pandemic’ is pure hysteria. You don’t shut down a society because a small number of old and/or already-ill people may die. The medium and long term harm to the society could be serious.

Has no one thought who pays for all the medical care the sick need? No, not the gummint; the governed, through direct paying, and taxation! They can’t earn money if they’re sitting at home!

Still, at last we can see the calibre of people who lead us, and the temper of the general population. They operate at the level of 8 year old girls.

As for our bishops – denying the sacraments to the sick and the dying will greatly weigh against you, in this world, and the next.


Possible cure for Coronavirus infection? I’ve seen these words used in relation to treatment in previous weeks, and now, behold, in one article: Hydroxychoroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc Sulphate.

If it works, then we don’t need a vaccine so urgently, as we have a cure. Vaccines seem to take a long time to develop.

29.3.20: LATEST:

My hope is this that this is a pseudo-crisis which an hysterical, Protestant society has confected on its path of slow suicide and will be seen as such by the wise.

Facts: Very, very few people, across large populations in the millions, are seriously affected by this disease.

Of those seriously affected, unto death, the vast majority have serious underlying conditions.

This does not warrant the shutdown of a society. I propose that a Godless society simply can’t think straight; it is panicked at the smell of smoke and turns the hose on everything.

12.3.20: UPDATE:

I’ve now read that the disease is viral pneumonia and that if you get it it can be quite, quite unpleasant. As in, strong men brought to their knees.

People shouldn’t take stupid risks that expose themselves to it, or help spread it, like going to public gatherings, especially if they feel even slightly unwell already. That will spread it much more widely and hospitals will be overwhelmed.

Ironic that in a world of mass-social-media you can’t get reliable information about a simple virus. Grrr.

===== Older:

Just for the record, the panic started because we were informed that:

– The virus originated in China, a Communist tyranny;
– The Chinese government covered up news of the infection initially;
– The source city has a ‘wet market’ which sells exotic animals for culinary purposes;
– The source city also has a biological warfare/research facility;
– The biological warfare/research facility staff have a history of selling test subjects to the ‘wet market'(!);
– Some commentators said that the virus had pangolin and HIV DNA sequences.

– Most commentators know nothing about medicine.

We now hear that the fatality rate from this virus is less than that of some historically recent infections e.g. the flu virus of the winter of 2017-2018.

Influenza can kill the already-weak but most healthy people recover in a week if they rest, take fluids and anti-inflammatories and eat nourishing foods.

Conclusion: Stay home if you get the bug, keep calm and carry on!