Wise Words – June 2022 – On Business Skullduggery – Plus

A colleague at work many years ago used to quote the Harry Enfield character DJ Smashie: “Wise words matey, wise words”, as a comical comment whenever anyone said something (pseudo-)profound.

This phrase pops into my head whenever I find some clever political or economic comment on the internet.

Here are a few I came across recently:


The outcome of the Ukraine-Russian war will show the truth or falsity of current Western media reportage.

Western media have been constantly reporting on UKR victories and playing down RUS ones, but Russia has taken territories useful to it from the Ukraine, and held them.

If Russia can hold them long term, then Western media collectively must be put on the same level as any other nationalist or corporate propaganda source:

They tell you what to think about an event, rather than simply reporting the facts as currently understood and letting you make up your own mind.


Cryptocurrencies are correlated with stocks and not commodities.
Cryptocurrencies have higher initial expenses than stocks.
Cryptocurrencies are not an inflation hedge.
Cryptocurrencies are not anonymous.
Governments can regulate and tax cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrencies are very complicated and a mis-step can cost you everything.
The cryptocurrency field is crowded and a clear winner has yet to emerge.
Cryptocurrency technology continues to evolve.


Is recent currency printing deliberate? It would work towards this end:

– Eliminate government debt by deliberately crashing national currencies.
– Buy, and then rent back assets to the newly-impoverished.
– Result: a new serfdom.

There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the poorer of the intelligentsia when the dole money is turned down to subsistence level – their communist dreams will be crushed, as they will be personally, if they then cause trouble to the new Ascendancy.


Blackrock and Vanguard are buying stakes in companies that are non-green, so it is in their interest that eco-zealots and the entities influenced by them keep talking those industries down and divesting away from them; they then buy essential industries cheaper.

Q: Who knew that oil, gas and coal would suddenly become necessities again? A: Anyone with a basic understanding of physics!