Speculation On How A Catamite Is Made

How A Catamite Is Made.

(The following is speculation, based on some rather clever remarks I read historically recently. Take it or leave it.)

His mother is a drama-queen, domineering, smothering, narcissistic and misandristic. She abhors masculine pursuits. She indulges pettiness in her son. She encourages him in feminine pursuits. She may have wanted a girl-child and so prettifies her son.

His father is cold, weak, or absent.

There are no other strong male figures in the boy’s life.

His home life is disturbed with material want and/or distressing events.

Result: he identifies with the strongest personality who rules his life if only to survive and thrive in his early years. He is still male, so he seeks masculinity in the wrong way, a feminine way.

Popular culture presents examples of successful effeminate men; theatricals, fashionistos, designers, female-servicing professionals. They are minority social actors who are influential because they are drawn towards expressive modes of action. Most women and some men find them amusing.

All that is then necessary is that he encounters a predatory sodomite in his early teenage years.

His reproductive impulse, seeking to unite with another, is skewed towards the same sex. His catamitic impulses are reinforced by perverse sexual pleasure. He knows on a deeper level that something is very wrong but to resolve the internal conflict, he embraces his ‘identity’ and may even proclaim it to the world; essentially, shouting his conscience down.

The giveaway is that these men ape women. Why, if their impulse is merely towards other men? Because effeminacy is a pose, a social meme-virus adopted by and not innate to the person. Having no proper male model in their infancy, plus being attracted towards masculinity, they behave like a caricature of a woman; they copy and exaggerate expressive feminine behaviours, they may despise women (as competition, or subconsciously their mother, or both) or they don’t know how to be truly feminine, or they are are deluded, or all the foregoing.

One current controversy: children being entertained by homosexuals who dress as women. Cleverer men than me have noticed that, in the background, it is their mothers who are offering their children to these men. It would be interesting to survey a group of these women.