The Last Word On The Covid Hysteria

Computer viruses gave Bill Gates a huge headache in the early 2000s so now he and his ilk think they can eliminate viruses in human beings by using genetic software i.e. the pseudo-vaccine. It’s nerdy and likely to fail.

We are not machines, we are very complicated. Biological viruses combat medicines through mutation via survival of the fittest. Defeat one variant and its cousin lives on in one-in-a-billion hosts, it thrives, it escapes and then you need a new vaccine.

Giving a billion+ people The VaCc1N3 could be the biggest error mankind has made since … before the Flood. All medicines have side effects.

Giving a novel medication with an unusual mode of action to most of your population is a mistake I think even an inhuman brutal dictator wouldn’t make; what if it injures or kills people two years’ down the line? What a waste of serfs! What financial problems it would create!! The inconvenience!!!

One cause of The Hysteria is: “The cult of the technocrat, of which I [I believe] am one.” Your peers and betters are all saying the same thing, so, to belong to the group, you say it too.

If in the ’40’s you could get people to board a train to go to their deaths, after oppressing them for years, getting ‘clever’ people in the 21st C. to take a peculiar, new medication is easy.

From memory: A survivor of Kampuchea said that they thought a mistake had been made when they were ordered to the camps and that, after notifying the appropriate authority, it would all be sorted out.

That’s why they went without fuss. From this I inferred that they could not conceive that their overlords hated them and wanted them converted, enslaved, or dead.

Covid/’Vaccine’ Hysteria Actors.

The cast of the ongoing debate:

– Laymen who are credulous about everything except the possibility that they are credulous.
– Laymen who can read, reason and remember.
– Laymen who wish to garner approval from strangers on the internet.

– Middlebrow lay pundits who are not scientists.

– Bio-lab workers who have screwed up badly, or deliberately.

– Pharmaceutical companies who want to sell as wide a variety of drugs, to as many people as possible, all the time.
– Pharmaceutical companies who are content to risk the health of their customers.

– Politicians who are not scientists and who have little-to-no scientific knowledge.

– Scientists who are not infectious disease, pulmonary, genetic or pharmacological experts.
– Scientists who are infectious disease, pulmonary, genetic or pharmacological experts but who want to keep their jobs.
– Scientists who are infectious disease, pulmonary, genetic or pharmacological experts who are very worried indeed.

– Doctors (general practitioners) who want to keep their jobs[1].
– Doctors (general practitioners) who wish to report the negative side-effects seen in their patients.

– Journalists who must publish clickbait, of any kind, all the time, to keep their jobs.
– Journalists who are not scientists and are ignorant of scientific principles.
– ‘Influencers’ who must publish clickbait, of any kind, to gain advertising revenue, and/or who desperately want popularity.

– Psychopaths who value money, power, numbers and percentages over people.
– Eugenicists for whom population-reduction is a positive.
– Satanists who must harm as many human beings as possible to satisfy their human and demonic masters.
– Concerned Christian conservatives.
– Herd followers.
– Liars.


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[1] A qualified doctor may not practice medicine without the approval of the governing medical body in his country. This body may be ethically compromised by the pharmaceutical industry, or, by the country’s dominant political ethos.