Historically-Novel Corrosive Elements in Western Post-Catholic Societies

Historically-Novel Corrosive Elements in Western Post-Catholic Societies:

1. Divorce, leading to:

1a. Psychologically damaged children, leading to
1a1. Increased crime by mature males and increased promiscuity by mature females.

1b1. Less, and more expensive housing, due to separated families requiring two dwellings instead of one.
1b2. More profit for lawyers.

1b3a. More profit for the pharmaceutical industry.
1b3b. More profit for the medical industry.

1c. Less discretionary funds available to the family as a (broken) unit.

2. Increased psychopathy/sociopathy.

Human beings without the supreme superior (God), and absent an inspiring moral code, behave in a selfish and thus socially-destructive way; there is no ultimate father (they think) to punish their destructive actions.

3. Increased incidence of psychological illness.

3a. Anomie, atheism and paganism increase dissociation.
3a1. Paganism invites demonic obsession, oppression, and, on statistically rare occasions, possession.

Plus: 1b3a, 1b3b.

4. Promiscuity, leading to:

4a. Abortion.
4b. Bastardry.
4c. Homosexuality.
4d. Widespread serious venereal disease.
4e. Increased psychological disorders in women and increased callousness in men.

Plus: 1b3a, 1b3b.

5. Disorder/Bad Order

If men are not made in the image and likeness of God then what anyone does to them doesn’t matter. All that then matters is what one can get away with. This leads to grave disorder.

6. Ultimately: societal decay, implosion and then, suppression by exterior forces i.e. the barbarians arrive.

Finally: We’ve all heard of ancient Babylon and its glories but how many now living could point to where it was on a map? The weeds can take New York just as easily as they did the pyramids of South America.