Modern Stupidity – Popular Disabling Elements In Western Societies.

Modern Stupidity – Popular Disabling Elements In Western Societies.

1. That all men are equal, without qualification.

Men may have equal rights, under the law, assigned by a democratic society, but all men are not equal, in the sense of being similar.

The sexes are different, the races are different, the nationalities are different, families are different and persons are different. That’s why they are distinct. They have commonalities, but they are not the same, thus they are not equal, in the mathematical sense of identical.

To assign to a weak woman the same rights as a strong man is unjust. To assign the the same obligations is stupid.

2. Non-pragmatic ideologies.

Sexual liberation, communism and its heresy, socialism, tolerance, social justice, pacifism, hedonism all have demonstrable negative effects on society and are yet still cherished.

A society, corporation or family, like a person, that continually acts against its own long-term best-interests may be described as either stupid, decadent or insane.

When will the Great Age of Peace and Plenty dawn? When men act like Christian monks, according to their station in life.

3. The financialisation of everything.

A man who works half-a-year solely to pay taxes, fees and service debts should be getting wonderful benefits in return: he should be set for life.

The reality: many men work hard, then get divorced and lose the house. Many don’t even get to marry. This is indentured servitude, yet I have heard that medieval serfs enjoyed lots of holidays (holy-days).

Americans get about 15 days off a year. Many think having 3 jobs is not unusual. The land of the free? No.

How many hours/weeks/years do you have to work to pay for X? That is the proper measure. And do you like the work? No? How sad. I mean it.

4. War as a large proportion of government expenditure.

Items that cost hundreds, thousands, millions, billions in dollars of the public’s money only to be destroyed? Insanity. And evil.

5. Vicious entertainment.

We watch that which gives us negative ideas and feelings and which thus makes us depressed. That is stupid.

6. Proliferation of narcotics.

A healthy man is only harmed by drugs. A sick man can also be harmed by drugs. Yet parasitic elements in society want to legalise them. It would be interesting to know the overall cost to society of opiates, tobacco, cannabis, alcohol. The attrition on persons, families, businesses and the public purse must be horrendous.

Some nations, and many men, don’t know how just to have one drink with a meal, loosen up a little, and enjoy it. It isn’t in them to do it. They must overdose.

7. Political inertia.

Anyone who constantly criticises politicians should ask themselves would they take on the job at the rates offered? Understand that you would have to deal with insane, stupid or just unreasonable people all the time, and be nice to them. No? Then stop going on-and-on ad-nauseam about your president. He may be the best your people could produce at this time and most of the population voted for him. Observe and learn something about your society.

Strong men no longer want to defend decadent societies. Able men don’t want to ruin their social and family lives by becoming politicians; they can make money in much easier ways. The society implodes and then there is civil war or invasion.