Neo-Pagan Occultism in the 21st century – a Counter-Blast

Neo-Pagan Occultism in the 21st century – a Counter-Blast.

Read the following at your own risk.

If you reform your life as a result, I’ll happily take credit.

If you go to the bad instead, YOU take the blame!

(I’m not joking.)



Here we go, then.

Know this: All occultism is spiritualism and all the spirits are demons. Why would anyone in Heaven keep coming back again and again to heed someone’s selfish requests?

Paganism is an old error that is constant and comes in and out of fashion. The Bright Young Things of the Victorian and Hippie eras thought they had found spiritual ambrosia, when in fact it was poison.

Beware: Hell is full of clever men and there’s always room for one more. A clever man is an easy sucker for the demons of Hell; he learns enough to get himself damned and is not wise enough to seek Heaven instead.

Understand this: A fervent young Catholic who keeps the Commandments, goes to confession, attends the traditional Latin Mass, receives Holy Communion, has a solid prayer life, espouses humility and seeks moreover to do what The Lord Jesus Christ wants of him according to his station in life will, barring a last minute fall, sees greater glories after the death of the body than any wild mystic who ever lived saw in a trance in his life.

Want to have a great spiritual life? Set yourself the task of saving souls, starting with your own!

Pride is the beginning of sin; ‘I am important, other people should do what I want’, but other people have wills of their own and thus you come into conflict with them and get angry with them and that’s how it starts.

The famous names you read about in occult books? They all now know the judgement of God. I’ve lived long enough to find out, thanks to the internet, what those great mystics of yesteryear were really like in person. The giveaway for anyone’s character is: ‘How do they behave towards their social inferiors?’ With sorcerors, the answer is: badly! Their lives were were, hmmm, not so glorious, but rather … sordid.

Wanna-be supermen think pride and strength are key, whereas it’s exactly the reverse: “Power is made perfect in weakness” i.e. God, the supreme power, calls pride a sin because He is above all and knows how small we humans truly are, and is pleased to show His might by acting through humble, holy men. Humility is the proper reaction to the existence of God, the Trinity, Heaven and the Creation. Not pride!

Occultism never quite gets truly popular, in my opinion, because the demons sabotage their minions and also they don’t want to advertise their existence; if it became popularly believed that Hell was real and that you could EASILY go there people would hammer on the doors of parochial houses to beg to be admitted to the Catholic Church.

Also, regular decent folks are repulsed by the occult, the same way they are repulsed by vermin; they know instinctively it’s bad, and bad for them. They are afraid of it. So it never truly goes mainstream. Good men fight it, evil men fight other evil men and and Heaven stamps on it, too, when it is appropriate to do so.

Fallen angels are condemned forever. They know that the Final Judgement is near. What moves do they have left? Towards Heaven? No, they are damned. Purgatory? Yes, they are allowed to enter there, to torment the Holy Souls, but are restrained. Earth, yes, not to the extent that they’d like, God being just, but, if a human soul is stupid enough to attract their attention, then, they have permission to act.

What does a proud, self-centred, angry, condemned hopeless being do in the time left to it? It attacks others weaker than it, which our case is any sinner that comes to their attention.

Just to be clear: demons are not like you and me. They have NO LOVE in them. None. They’re not human. They’re fallen angels and their perspective is … black.

Misery loves company and hates other people’s happiness, so they drag men down, and another human soul being damned hurts God’s feelings; that’s a ‘win’ for them.

Every good father frets over his children. How painful it must be for God to see His wayward children go to the bad, when he knows what awaits them on the other side.

Also: My opinion is that being up here, attached to a place or person, or better yet inside a person, is a nice respite from the wearisome horrors of Hell; human beings and human homes as a campsite for spiritual thugs. Imagine having a squatter in your house (or your head) that you can’t get rid of; you have the agonies of madness while being quite sane. Not fun.

Sin gives them entry. So does sorcery (which is a mortal sin). Know this: All occultism is spiritualism and all the spirits are demons. Why would anyone in Heaven keep coming back to answer your banal questions? The Saved rejoice forever; they are perfectly content and are not thinking about Earth much, if at all. They might, rarely, come back, one time only, to you, in person, just to reassure their weeping child, but not constantly.

It’s something else entirely that’s mimicking your granny in the medium’s gloomy salon.

Funny how mystic Meghan has to call in a Catholic exorcist when her Spirit Guide starts playing rough. You’d think that repressive old religion would have no value in the New, Superior, Educated New Age that is always just about to dawn, but never does.

Signs have meaning; they are a signal, a statement. Music fans who make the sign of the cuckhold, silly girls who read horoscopes, old women who attend seances and freemasons who climb the grades; they might as well be letting off flares in bandit country and asking local hoodlums to be their spiritual guide. Once you are in the mafia you learn that: they will oppress you, and eventually demand of you that which you will not wish to give, and they don’t like it, at all, if you try to quit.

Also: Any sign or symbol of the enemy is an insult to God and a victory for the Devil whether YOU think it is or not. NOTHING and no-one is overlooked by God, small or big, good, bad or indifferent. It just seems that way to the dull-minded, and boy, does sin darken the mind! The innocent child that you were would be repulsed by the ugly things you do as an adult.

Demons give with one clawed hand but take with the other. One part of your life starts to go better, but then some other part goes badly wrong. And then the first part starts being a problem as well!

e.g. you get a girlfriend but she’s a slattern who is disloyal. Meanwhile, you lose your job and little accidents start happening around you. Mighty magician? More like a mighty muppet!

Here’s a trick to help you decide about groups of people: Look at group photos. We’re all different, but groups of people with similar interests tend to have common features. Ever see a photo of a group of neo-pagans? Then contrast them in your mind with a picture of a group of traditionalist churchgoers. Which looks happier and healthier?

This is why pagan men, families and societies are always, always troubled; their gods are demons aping whoever their dark-minded followers expect to see and they lead them along the wide and easy, rose-adorned path to Hell. Pagans make increasingly ugly sacrifices and get dross in exchange. Ultimately, in exchange for their immortal souls, the demons might serve them in this world, and meanly do it, and then they will certainly serve the demons forever, in Hell.

A poor outcome, to be the prank-monkey of a demon, in a sewer, when one aspired to be a prince in a castle.

The Devil’s ultimate ideal patsy is someone who damns themselves in exchange for … nothing.

Oh, I almost forgot: Demons lie. It’s in their nature. They’ll lie to you, and betray you when it suits them. Get this, smart guy: You are just a WORM to them. They are incapable of feeling love. They all hate each other in Hell, and they all work in perfect harmony. You think you’re ‘in’ with them? You’re not. They’re haughty, you see, and they remember the stations they had in Heaven. They hate you because they see you as inferior, because God has granted you a chance of Heaven and because harming you causes God pain; it’s the attitude of a loser criminal towards a happy man.

The terrible thing is that you won’t notice your character being degraded; you’ll laugh at violent media, have a vocabulary of swear words, fornicate for fun and have a set of ideas that your more noble forefathers would have been appalled by and whipped you if you’d dared express them.

When you are in Hell, pleasures are few and always bitter. Everywhere you look there is something obnoxious, and the misery never ends. What do you suppose looking at other filthy, evil beings and horrid sights does to beings who once lived in Heaven and saw God face-to-face? It’s makes them meaner still!

What’s that? You think you’ve made a deal with the Devil and will have a better time of it than a regular stooge? NO! God rules Hell, also. You are punished exactly as you deserve, according to the nature of your crimes. The worse you are, the deeper you go and the worse the tortures are.

The tortures of Hell are calibrated according to the sins you committed; a cannibal will eat his own flesh, a serial killer will be ruined, over and over, and sexual perverts will be … unspeakably punished.

See the mother and her children in Hell: rebuking and cursing each other forever. The mother is in Hell because she reared her children badly and her children are in Hell because they did evil.

See the witch, locked in a coffin for a hundred years. She finally gets out … and the demons jump her.

The mildest damnation I ever read about, if I recall correctly, was being condemned to a small gloomy cubicle, alone, with a window, which overlooked the bottomless chasm between Hell and Heaven, Heaven shining far in the distance. The inmates immediately realise they will never, EVER go there. That they are stuck in that box, forever. Once that sinks in, the crying begins. Occasionally, a demon enters, to torment them even more.

Forever. Forever. FOREVER.

Human beings can’t grasp forever, because we are reared to expect everything will end someday. The most wretched prisoner in the worse dungeon on earth can snatch an hour of sleep, occasionally have some nice food, see a ray of sunshine, hope for freedom, or, if nothing else, know that his torment will end with his death, some day.

Not so the damned. The pain, misery, despair, sorrow, horror, torture and anger never, ever end and, being quit of the body, they profoundly understand what we can’t quite grasp; that they have made a HUGE mistake and it can’t ever be undone. They gave up Heaven, and for what? Mere trifles. Entry just to Purgatory would have cost them very little: to have lead a sober, Godly, pious life, and as a bonus, they would have felt good about themselves most days on Earth.

Such a pity.

Our forefathers were right: Burn the witch! Why? As a warning to others, to make her pay for the filthy things she has done and to make sure she cannot still summon Hell to earth from her prison cell, which she would do. Burn the spell-books too! Having them in bookshops is like leaving poison out for children or dynamite for psychopaths; the users are harmed and ruined and the effects of their evil ripples out into society. And what do they learn? Spiritual trash!

Here’s a tip for the truly wise: if where you live has more than a few mystics, witches, addicts, swamis, covens, brutes, criminals, ‘circles’, pervert parades, hedonists, seers and queers, move away. Disaster strikes ‘trendy’ areas and hellholes because the psychic plane is contaminated and God will not suffer evil long, in His scale of time. Also, they fail a simple test: they’re no place to raise a child. When you marry and have children, you will understand.

Think! Why would Angels of Heaven be at your beck and call? They are not yours to command and they are holy; they are good, clean, pure of heart and serve the Lord God happily and swiftly, not a foolish young woman seeking a boyfriend. But their infernal opponents? They remember what they once were and can ape anyone you’d like to see: your deceased grandmother, guru Rajesh, an archangel, Elvis Presley or Christ Himself. They give themselves away by flaws in their appearance and/or flaws in what they say and do.

Modern occultists think they can use demons, they way they use a toothbrush. They don’t understand that demons are very old, remember everything, show you want you expect to see and have bested many a cunning man, simply by catering to his wants; he damns himself by his deeds. Only God’s power and mercy stops them turning the Earth into another hellscape.

Occultists betray themselves and their society; they cooperate with the oldest enemies of mankind.

I’ve always thought it funny-peculiar that occultists would call on the names of God, Christ ands His angels to protect them from the demons they were trying to summon but they’d not make the obvious leap in logic: ‘If the denizens of Heaven can subdue demon X, why shouldn’t I follow the Lord God instead? He’s the most powerful of all!’

(*Few to none!)