6 Reasons Why God Allows Evil

1. Evil is done by men, not by God.

2. A material universe means decay. Material things decay. This is in the nature of material things. This decay is confused with evil.

3. That there is more than one being means opposition between beings. Angels opposed God, man opposes God and men oppose each other. People pursue their own ends and come into opposition with one another. This leads to evil.

4. People pay for their own sins, those of their family and of their society. Sinful action begets a reaction. This reaction may be just or evil.

5. Without the possibility of great evil there cannot be the possibility of great good. The concept would not exist.

6. Men must have the ability to choose to do evil if they are also to have the ability to choose good. The singular Being that made everything wants us freely to choose good, as He is good. This makes us like Him and different to angels, who, united with Him all the time, only wish to do good.