Have You Got A Jesus Complex?

Some folk like visiting mass murderers in prison. Some conceive of ‘The Sporanos’ as aspirational viewing. Some women marry crooks knowing full well how they earn their living. Some people think most criminals can be ‘rehabilitated’ in ‘the community’.

I think the latter should add their names to a database. Then it can be tallied up who lives where. Then rehabilitation centres can be opened in those places where those greatest number of well-wishers live.

I wonder what the demographic breakdown might be? Certainly, you couldn’t have a paedophile half-way house anywhere near a working class council estate, I should think.

On the other hand, it might work well in Hampstead or Richmond. They don’t want McDonalds, but the might put up with kiddy-diddlers. By interacting with the concerned middle-classes, who will ‘support’ their efforts to ‘re-integrate’ into society, these ‘victims’ of their own infernal urges might ‘reform’ their characters, and become the tolerant, multicultural, open-minded, concerned stake-holders we all aspire to be.

Put simply, anyone who think criminals should be allowed back into ‘the community’ asap (which community?) should consider how they’d feel if they moved in next door.