A Nation’s Pyramid Of Needs

The recent Brexit vote indicates that the British mass-mind is sober. It has got its priorities right.

A nation needs the following, in order of importance:

1. Autonomy.

This is the ability to be free to govern itself as a separate entity. Any nation dependent on, or commanded by, another, does not have autonomy. Its citizens are thralls.

2. Security.

Order must prevail, preferably good order. Citizens must have confidence that they can walk the streets unmolested. They must have confidence that what property they hold, they can keep. The nation must be able to repel foreign foes.

3. Economy.

The majority of the people must have confidence that they can keep themselves and their dependents for the coming year. Without this, they may riot. A hungry man feels he has little to lose.

4. Infrastructure.

This is roads, communications, utilities. A nation can call itself civilised when it can safely and completely dispose of its own waste!

5. Honest Government.

Honest police, honest bureaucrats, honest politicians. This is the capstone of the pyramid. Westerners who say “All politicians are corrupt” have never had to operate in a society where most of them truly are.