Ancient Rituals Conducted In An Underground London Temple.

Every Monday at 6.30pm a mysterious ancient rite, whose precise origins are lost in time, is conducted in a candle-lit, underground temple in Central London. The attendees are predominantly male, as are the chorus. Not too far from Piccadilly Circus ancient hymns are sung, and ornately-dressed mystics perform strange passes and utter curious words of power. The worshippers kneel in quiet reverence, chanting an occasional respose.

The temple is decorated with the symbols of this practice, and its followers claim great spiritual benefits come from their participation. To someone not au-fait with their creed, their claims are at once far-fetched and strangely enticing. It promises peace, power and a benefit called ‘agape’ in ancient Greek.

With the advent of the internet, their are now a few sites online dedicated to this underground cult, the foremost in Britain being this one.

Young men fixated on ‘swords and sorcery’ or the occult, and young ladies interested in spiritual matters, may be interested to enquire further.