Bad Times For Britain Ahead?

I’m not talking about the current sub-prime mortgage problem. This is a long overdue correction to some very silly lending practices.

I’m talking about Gordon Brown, and what he’s got planned for UK PLC.

He talks the business talk, but he’s a hardcore Social Democrat. Forget what comes out of his mouth, watch what he does.

He’s on a personal mission to bring the poor of the UK (and Africa) up to middle class standards of living. He hopes to do this by giving them money taxed from the current middle classes.

He’s doesn’t realise that if you give a man money, you make him a beggar. If you educate him, you make him an entrepreneur.

Too many people in Britain are either on benefits or in public service. Contrast this with the cheese-paring attitude shown towards the Armed Forces here, and you get the measure of the current regime: Handouts for Jack The Chav, and Eff All Fer Ye, Tommy.

Rich people can leave whenever they want, so he can’t touch them. The ‘poor’ have nothing worth taking; that leaves Mrs. Adegoje, who cleans a manky NHS hospital for a grinding sub-contractor, on £15K a year, paying 60% of her wages in various taxes before she’s even put a crust in her mouth.

And people wonder why they can’t afford a house?

The NHS and Housing Benefit were set up so that the miserable poor wouldn’t die in the gutter on a cold winter’s night; not so Darren from Dartford could sit on the sofa drinking Red Bull and w*nking his Sony PlayStation at 2.30 in the afternoon, ‘cos he’s on ‘Disability’.

Watch as Britain’s income fails to keep pace with its social outgoings. Wouldn’t take a whole lot to kick it into recession. We’ve already had the flooding crisis, a small blip in agriculture, the ongoing Middle East adventures, the winding down of North Sea Oil, Russia flexing its energy card and a City of London cheesed off at the heavy-handed pursuit of offshore account holders.

Interesting times ahead.

PS: Was watching TV over the weekend with The Girlfriend when I had a revelation: Why is Gordon going after offshore and dormant bank accounts?

Answer: Because everything worth selling off already has been.

No one wants to buy old nuclear power stations. That leaves reaching down behind the sofa for loose change. Ha ha!