Back To The Grind

Just seen in the news that the Brits are going to allow the Child
Support Agency access to the credit reports of absent fathers
they’re chasing. Which may seem moral, but does not bode well for
everyone’s financial privacy in the future.

The Government owns
your ass here, and is very good at screwing the bobs out of the
serfs. Small wonder they can’t wait to retire abroad. Can you
imagine anyone wanting to retire to Britain! “Come for the rain
and the grumpy natives, stay for the stodge and decaying

Some friends invited us to a Chinese New Year do here, which
involved us paying £15 p.h. each to sing in a karaoke room,
excluding food. We politely declined. Too expensive, and we’re too jetlagged. You can do that in Ireland, anyway,
for free, after a few drinks, even if the people nearby don’t want
you to e.g:

“Allllooonnnee, aaaallll alllloooonne, by de wave, washed shtrand
…. (burp, ah jaze), aaaannnnd alllooone in da croooowwwwded
halllll …”.