Home gain, home again, safe and sound.

Got back around 7pm UK time. Singapore Airlines have a very high level of service and a very professional cabin crew, so the thirteen hour trip passed quickly. Nice on-board entertainment system lets you select which movies you want to watch, and you have full control over them.

As I’ve been my usual critical self about Malaysia, so let me now point out some good points:

1. £1 = 6.5 rinngit

A rinngit buys the same as a pound does, for everyday items, so you can have a very nice time on the cheap.

2. Constant heat

It rained occasionally, and when it did, it was very nice. Cleared the air. Imagine an Irish summer downpower X 3.

Otherwise, sunshine all day, every day. Days are 12 hours long. A good time to be active is around dawn, when it’s cooler.

3. Good food, easily accessed.

It’s from ‘hawker’ stalls and outdoor cafes. These have a reputation to maintain. If they’re full, it’s a good sign. Had some tasty grub that would have a gourmand wetting himself, and very cheap.

The only indoor restaurants I went to were franchises like McDonalds
and KFC. Even KFC is good here. They have their own local cuisine

4. Almost everyone speaks English.

This is a relic of the British empire. Business is/can be conducted in English. Just speak slowly and clearly, avoiding _your_ local slang, and you’ll be fine. Learn a few words of Malay, smile, and you’re golden.

BEWARE: Do not bring drugs into Malaysia or Singapore. They have the death penalty for this. Be discreet about your boozing in Malaysia; it’s a Muslim country. If you’re a sex tourist, forget it.

More Arabs are coming to Malaysia as they’re getting a hard time trying to go America and other countries. It’s now easier for me, an Irish Catholic, to get into Malaysia, than the US, from what I’ve heard. Crazy, eh?