Osama Bin Laden hacked my website!

The site is TigerTom Freeware. It runs a slightly outdated version of PHP-Nuke. It got hacked on 22nd December 2005, by some lads from Bahrain. They put up their own message on the front page; as most of it was in Arabic, I don’t know what it said. Possibly ‘Chelsea boys were here’.

I was glad they hadn’t truly wrecked it. Might have been because it was a freeware site, and had a great big picture of the pyramids of Giza on the front.

As I was on an antediluvian internet connection, I couldn’t upgrade it. So I stripped out everything except the download module. Remains to be seen if it remains unviolated.

I’d read PHP-Nuke is particularly vulnerable to hacks. They should just release a version with minimal functionality, and no possibility of third-party input, as default. This sort of bovver can waste months of someone’s work.