Barack Obama: How He Suckered The West

Barack Obama is the new Tony Blair. He looks good, has a very organised machine behind him, says vaguely positive things but nothing definite.

"Change, we can believe in!"

That is a meaningless statement. I’m surprised people fell for it; it’s crass marketing. What change, exactly? It allows people to read what they want into it.

I have no idea what he’s going to do in office. Neither does anyone else, as far as I know. From what I’ve read online he’s:

Very keen on abortion;
Very left wing in his youth;
Offers a curious mix of tax cuts for the middle-classes and increased social spending;
Wants to get out of Iraq but continue hammering Afghanistan;
"Smart diplomacy"?

If it wasn’t for his skin colour, he’d be largely character-less.

So what of the future?

I don’t think he or his people have any clever ideas. All I’ve read is that the U.S. is going to throw money at its problems, same as the UK. So we can probably expect a ten-year recession, with a depression from now until however long it takes for the dud paper to be flushed out of the economy and dud politicians to be flushed out of office.

They just don’t have the courage to take the hard decisions, so they will fail, and be run out of office by the mob.