Google Bans TigerTom.Com

TigerTom.Com has been banned by Google. This was for having pages with similar text, too many external links, and a similar layout to Adsense-Scraper sites*.

Google bans sites algorithmically: a site that fits their ‘spammer’ profile gets dropped via software from their index automatically. Real spammers shrug their shoulders and move on; honest webmasters write emails begging for mercy.

Like me. I’ve sent emails to Google begging for re-inclusion. If you are reading this in Sept. 2005 or later, go to, and type the following:

If it returns pages from that site, then I’m back in. If it doesn’t, then I’m scuppered!.


*These are sites that put up thousands of web pages, which have links to other sites, content copied from other sites, are auto-generated, and which exist just to get advertising.