Freeware releases at TigerTom.Com

  • The Black Book Of Power;
  • The Black Book Of Ecommerce;
  • New TigerTom Game;
  • New Dating Service;
  • A tribute to the Main Man;
  • Chat Rooms Latest.

—— The Black Book Of Power ——-

This is now freeware. Why? Well, I realised recently that if I dropped dead tomorrow (God forbid) this ebook would remain locked and unavailable. Also, the audience that really needs it, teenagers, can’t buy it; no money, or no credit card.

And I’m not 100% comfortable selling the knowledge it contains. Who can put a price on divinely-inspired wisdom?

So download, and enjoy!

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—– The Black Book Of Ecommerce ——-

This is now also freeware. The ecommerce section was getting stale, and the 0ffshore section is not quite what visitors seem to want; advice on how to ev@de tax!

It’s a lot of work to keep it up-to-date, so I shan’t. Have you previously paid for it? Read on…

I’ve removed two files from this version, so previous paying customers will enjoy certain advantages. They can also ask me for one-to-one up-to-date advice any time.

Any residents of Nigeria or Rumania looking for dodgy financial back-doors will remain disappointed.

This ebook is useful for ecommerce and 0ffshore newbies. Even the experienced may find something of interest.

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—— New TigerTom.Com Game ——

I put out a press release for a f.r.e.e. PC game I had made. Got a mention in the Irish Sunday Independent newspaper, and an interview on a Waterford radio station called Beat 102-103. Not sure how I came across, but they let me rattle on for a bit. I have a sneaking suspicion they found me supercilious and a bit odd i.e. my normal self.

——- New Dating Service ——–

The software that run it is now as good as any you’ll find
on the internet. And it’s still f.r.e.e to use.

I’d appreciate feedback from users.

Regular users of TigerTom.Com could use it to put up extensive profiles of themselves. Ladies: DON’T give your real name, address, telephone number. Use disposable email addresses.

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———- The Man Himself ——

For Christians:

————— Chat Rooms —————

Had to move to another server due to these rooms. They were overloading the server. Just about to go on me Christmas holidays, when my web host turns off TigerTom.Com. Lovely. Moving server and tweaking new rooms from a farmhouse in Ireland is no joke.

New rooms added, many people booted for naughtiness. Sterling work being done by the moderator ‘Tazer’ & Co. Thanks to him.