Be Careful What You Wish For.

As an Irishman I suppose I shouldn’t care. The British economy may be about to hit the buffers. Why? Let’s have a re-cap:

1. UK now a net importer of oil;

2. Sub-prime crisis in US causing ripple effect in UK, which was already living on tick;

3. £24bn+ wasted so far on propping up Northern Rock;

4. Country already taxed to the hilt, so no meat left on the bone;

5. Said taxation paying for bloated welfare and public service i.e. wasted;

6. City of London (UK’s only real earner) getting jittery about taxation and regulation.

This is the result of letting deceitful ex-socialists tinker with the economy, praising the notion of enterprise, while secretly regarding businesses as cash-cows for worthless social projects.

Why has it come to this? The reason is that Britain is a rotten democracy. The lower and middle classes don’t have any real say in how the country is run. The head of state is unelected. Most voters don’t know who their MP is, never mind meeting him. Parliament has been neutered. A clique of privately-educated class-traitors use ideology as a substitute for careful planning, and hamstring a nation with their sneak taxes and half-assed ‘initiatives’.

Very few Labour MPs have any business experience. They’re mostly ex-public-service.

The result: A country fighting with one hand tied behind it’s back, in a fight where their opponents are getting stronger. Everyone grumbles, but keeps their heads down, putting all their hopes in paying off the mortgage and putting the kids through private school.

Sorry, but ignoring the gorilla in the room doesn’t mean he won’t bite you.

Gordon Brown has at last got what he wants. Now the spotlight is on him, the nation can see how little this lauded intellectual actually knows. It might be a smart move for readers to have a contingency plan, if things ever get really bad, and he finds an excuse to clamp down hard.

Think it couldn’t happen? Watch what happens in the successions of Bush and Putin, and see if it couldn’t happen here.