Old News


25th May 2004:What’s new? Quite a lot.

Will that do? 🙂

23rd November 2003:Made a music video DVD.

Been busy doing freelance web design, and investigating new and interesting features for this site. Watch this space.

10th March ’03:The affiliate program is now commission-only.

I had to get rid of the pay-per-click feature because it was too much trouble policing it. The commission rate has been increased to 30%, plus a 5% commision for everyone who signs up ‘under’ you i.e. if they use your affiliate link to get here, and sign up, you get 5% of the gross of every sale they make (they still get 30%).

6th March ’03:I have reverted to selling my software, and updated it.

Currently, it’s $49.00 for the power ebook, $199.00 for the ecommerce ebook, and $99 each for the CGI scripts.

Price includes free lifetime upgrades. Affiliate commissions are at 25%.

30th January ’03: Found out that that the CGI scripts site I subscribed to was run by a drug-addicted, lying, boastful, spam-supporting, vengeful incompetent. Allegedly. I wondered why most of his scripts didn’t work(!)

The only program of his I had running was the dating service software, which I’ve replaced.

The Lounge and Dating chat rooms now require user registration. This is to stop impersonation. It is truly saddening, and educational, to see how many people will behave shamefully, given the cover of anonymity.

It is heartening to see how many nice people there are, who behave well towards each other, once you keep the ‘angry young men’ outside the door.

The bulletin board seems to be popular too.

14th December ’02:TigerTom is on holiday from 16th to 30th December. Technical support will be sporadic, at best.

Happy Christmas to one and all!

12th December ’02:Software is now free, possibly for a limited period. The ebooks have reverted to their old names. TigerTom offers free music downloads (of his own music, ha, sorry, no Eminem bootlegs, heh). The new forum and dating service seem to be working well.

16th September ’02:TigerTom.com is moving server. Expect annoying problems with some parts of the site.

I’ll be sending out a newsletter when the site settles down, describing all the new stuff I’m adding. Some can be seen already.

5th August 02: I am changing the titles of the ebooks. They need to be more ‘attractive’. This will affect the affiliate program HTML code. Watch this space.

The cost of my software has gone up, and I intend more price increases in future. This will be in parallel with new features being added. Buy now, and get free upgrades later!

I have also changed the layout of the commercial pages. Their content is now clearer.

The club chat room is now easier to access.

11th July 2002: Sent out the newsletter, and added a new chat room. The newsletter mail-out crashed twice, so not everyone got it. I’ll send another out in a few weeks.All discounts and freebies will now be advertised via the newsletter. This includes the software auction.

Added two important chapters to The Black Book Of Ecommerce.

1st July 2002: Fixed a problem with the message boards. They should work properly now.

7th June 2002: Major revamp: I’ve introduced an auction system for my software. You can buy my ebooks for as little as $5.00 USD. The auction link is on the front page of the demo ebooks.Also: affiliates now get bonus clicks if a referral signs up up to my mailing list.

These features are new as of today. Any bugs should be ‘swatted’ within a week or so.

20th May 2002: The affiliate program software is now fixed, and a new message board has been installed.

15th May 2002: Just found out my affiliate program software was giving out odd passwords, like “J387 /3”. They worked, but it’s confusing, and weird. I’ve lost some respect for the guy who wrote the program. I’ve had to do a fair bit of ‘cleaning up’ and ‘adding on’ to the code. If you find a problem yourself, let me know, and get free software.

Psst! want to know a secret? I’ve bought three different sets of affiliate program software in the past few years; two had serious bugs, and the other ran waaaayyyy too slow. Makes you wonder how reliable other affiliate programs are.

12th may 2002: Software sales via ClickBank are now discontinued. Affiliates signed up with TigerTom directly are not affected. ClickBank no longer seem to allow my affiliate scripts to ‘piggy-back’ on their service, so I had to dump them.I’ve re-jigged that chat rooms, so they consume less bandwith.

Some visitors can now get TigerTom software free.

6th May 2002: No web site? Send the email I send to you when you sign up, to friends and acquaintances. If I get enough clicks you get any one of my programs free. Only one program per affiliate. Target currently set at 150 measly clicks!Note: Existing affiliates can also avail of this offer. Trade clicks for software.

20th April 2002: Affiliates can now earn commission from sales at The Internet Marketing Consultant site, (currently 20% of the initial deposit, and 10% of any sales thereafter). No change to your affiliate HTML code is necessary, if you’ve signed up with TigerTom.

8th April 2002: I’m writing this from a cyber-cafe in the Republic Of Ireland. The chat rooms are still off-line, and will remain so. My web-host has said they don’t appear to be using up much server CPU cycles, but they are using nearly 1Gb of bandwidth a day. This costs me money which I can’t afford at the moment. I’ve fixed the error that barred access to the message boards. Sorry about that.

I’m re-vamping the ebook order process, so you won’t be able to buy them at the moment.

2nd April 2002: I’ve re-vamped the The Black Book Of Ecommerce. It’s no longer free.

I also set up a new internet marketing consultant site, uploaded some mp3 files, and will be on holiday from 4th to 18th April inclusive. That is all. More stuff soon-ish.?

Oh, and I’ve posted the meaning of life here.

20th December 2001: T. O’ Donnell will be on holiday from 21st-28th December inclusive. May I take this opportunity to wish all visitors and customers of TigerTom.com a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. Latest news: Fixed a bug in the chat rooms, totally automated my software sales and registration process, and got listed in Yahoo! Not a bad year, all things considered.

26th August 2001: The Black Book Of Ecommerce is now available free. I won’t be updating it any more. I’ve decided to concentrate on my other ebook, The Black Book Of Power.? Keeping both updated was too much work. With the amount I’m learning about internet skullduggery, I would need to update the web design ebook every other day. The ebooks are becoming ever more sophisticated in presentation and content. Get ’em before the rest of the world finds out about ’em!

Put up an email slot-machine game. Quite pleased with it.

I did the lottery in July. Congratulations to Helen Banks, W. J. Spens, Roger Coianiz, Arska Iso, Borsi Kolar, and the others.

Found a bug in the chat room software. The chat text wasn’t being deleted from the data file. Cobbled together a solution. Dear Lord, will someone make a chat room that isn’t a server hog, doesn’t cost $300, and that works properly! (Heh heh!)

6th June 2001.? Let chaos reign!? TigerTom.com has moved server again.? Many programs probably won’t work in the interim.? To increase confusion I’ve changed the chat rooms and discussion board software entirely; the previous programs either didn’t work properly, or were server-hogs.? Let me know if you’re having problems. I will also be making a significant change to the ebooks in the near future.

9th April 2001.? Announcing a Spot-The-Mistake competition.? I have set up a new order system and affiliate program, and updated my Perl script.? If you can spot serious errors in any of these, you get a free ebook.? A serious error would be:

  • A hyperlink which doesn’t work, or which links to the wrong file.
  • A form which gives an error message, or outputs incorrect information.
  • A program which does something it shouldn’t.

A minor error would be:

    Mistakes in spelling, or grammar, or web-page design (probably plenty of those!).

The first to spot any serious error, gets a prize. Read the pages linked to above before contacting me.? I have already pointed out potential problems with the ebooks for some users. Basically, I’m looking for errors that might put off potential customers or affiliates. This web site is getting more ambitious everyday, and I need some help.

Awarding of prizes is at my discretion, so no griping!?

24th March 2001. The affiliate program will be up and running on the 5th of April, God willing. It has taken so long to set up because it is complex, and probably unique. Also, in tandem, a new order service for my ebooks will be ready by then.

TigerTom.com will have reduced numbers of visitors for the near future because I am denying access to certain types of internet service provider, and countries. This is to reduce fraud and hacking attempts on this site.

14th January 2001. My affiliate program software was turning into a monster, so I had to start slashing at the code to cut it down to size. Which is another way of saying it ain’t ready yet. My order processing company are still ruminating on what I’ve told them, but I ain’t worried about that. The next version of my secure order Perl script has some new features, but I’m not uploading it yet as I need to test it a bit. Now I know why albums and programs and films take so long to make. The tweaking never ends!

The newsletter ain’t ready yet either, ‘cos I’m so busy fiddling with the two items above. I’ll probably just send it out using this Windows program I have, and to heck with it. It’s supposed to be sent out twice a year, but I procrastinate. An expectant world holds its breath! [grin].

Good news! This site now has it’s own server, courtesy of the generosity of my web host. The chat rooms were bogging down the old server, so now I have one of my own (I think). Many thanks to the kind folks at Netmar, a web host with a heart.

21st December 2000. Still fiddling with my two-tier affiliate program. It hooks into my secure order form for a seamless sales-and-registration process, but the company that processes the orders has some technical problems, so I have to wait for them to fix them before giving it a proper dry-run. Ho hum. I’ll probably send out the newsletter in the New Year at this rate. I’m trying to decide whether to use my own software to send it, or another program I’ve got. Having seen the results of the ‘send-it-and-be-damned’ mentality in other webmaster’s newsletters, I think caution is advised, as my subscribers are now in the thousands. Also, I’d like to make the reading of it worthwhile and interesting, rather than just a sustained sales pitch

May I take this opportunity to wish visitors to TigerTom.com a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2nd December 2000. New free online games page added. There are three interactive games; chess, draughts, and connect-five. You can play these games against other visitors to this site. My new affiliate program is nearly set up. It is a two tier program AND affiliates are rewarded with pay-per-clicks-in-kind as well! Still some bugs to iron out, but it should be ready to go in about two weeks.

I shall be sending out a newsletter as well shortly.

15th September 2000. I have finally uploaded a beta version of my OMNI Perl Script. This script is like a Swiss Army knife for the internet entrepreneur. It has a lot of useful features, and some quite sophisticated ones. And it’s free. The chat rooms‘ software is now much more exclusive. If it looks like someone’s mis-behaving, it’ll try to kick them out and keep them out.

This site has also had a ‘make-over’. I wanted something a bit more professional looking, while still loading fast.

Also, my e-books are now complete. You can download shareware versions here.

I will be sending out the newsletter and doing a lottery shortly.

7th May 2000. New chat rooms installed, because lamers were making the old ones unusable. New message board as well, because the old one was getting ‘fat’. New versions of my programs uploaded too (phew!).

27 March 2000. Still working on my e-Books. I’ve been downloading and trying out presentation software like billy-o. Also still working on my secure order script. Have tarted up the index page of this site to make it more professional looking.

19th February 2000. We have some lottery winners! Congratulations to W. Spence, California, and B. King, and also M. Kent of Iowa, USA. Thank God they replied! 🙂 I’m still working on the secure order script. It’s going to be a good ‘un. Still typing away on the revised versions of the Business Plan and The Manual too, when I’m not goofing off. Got the top listing in Altavista for the search term ‘tarot reading’ recently; bit of a fluke, but I’m well pleased.

I’m now giving direct downloads to demo’s of my products, as it’s less hassle all round. It was interesting however to see which files people wanted, and where they came from.

The link exchange page is now working, and has features in it that block crass spamming attempts, which I put in myself [smirk]. I’ll be keeping a wary eye on the Photo Personal’s page, to see if it acts up again.

31st January 2000. Still haven’t notified the lottery winners. Disgraceful. Will do it this week. Been really busy fiddling around with other stuff on this site. The Photo Personals are acting up again, as is the new Link Exchange page (sigh). I might replace the Photo Personals with new software entirely, but I’ll leave the current posts up so your effort in posting is not wasted. If you want to post your picture, wait until the new software is installed. Thanks.

Put up an automated tarot reading thingy. Seems to work O.K 🙂

11th January 2000. First, I’d like to apologise if you’ve sent off a form or emailed me recently. I’ve been in Ireland, and when I came back I found the ISP I use for receiving emails had been hacked! They immediately blocked access, and have been sending out letters to get people to change their passwords. Don’t worry, your orders are still safe – they’re encrypted, so in the unlikely event of someone getting hold of them they still couldn’t read them.

On a lighter note, thank you to all who opted to participate in the lottery, after my mail out. I’ll be informing the winners shortly, and will post the results here.

The Pic Post page is behaving a little oddly. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

And a happy new Year to you!

3rd September 1999. More changes. I’m changing the links page, as it keeps getting corrupted. You either get lots of dull commercial ‘spam’ on these things, or they’ve got so many technical features they get corrupted. So I’m doing it the old-fashioned way. If you want to trade links, use the contact form to send me the necessary details, and I’ll put them on by hand. It’s a link for a link, to sites which are similar in content but not competing with me.

I’m also applying for a secure server certificate of my own, and doing even more clever tracking things for the associate program.

Also, all the software products are being updated.

8 August 1999. Major changes at tigertom.com. I’m discontinuing some pages, and adding an associate program, whereby people can sell the products on my site and get a commission. The latter is the trickiest thing I’ve ever set up on a website. I’m building it from scratch, instead of buying in software. Should be ready soon. I’ve also added a better Photo Personals service.

17th July 1999. I’ve fallen behind with the lottery, but it ain’t my fault! I’ve sent out mails to potential winners, but they either haven’t replied, or have done so, and not chosen a prize. I suppose it does look like spam if you get a mail saying ‘You win!’, or words to that effect. And my commercial prizes are not much interest to a Quake player, for example. Hey ho. AND I do ask people for their name and the area they come from, so people can see I’m not cheating. In the secrecty-obsessed world of the Internet, I suppose that puts them off. I’ll send out a few more this weekend, and see what happens.

22nd June 1999. Photo Personals back to normal. And: We have a winner! M. Arjun from Pune City, India is the winner of May’s TigerTom Occasional Lottery. Congratulations to Mr. Arjun.

18th June 1999. My Photo Personals / PicPost setup is misbehaving. Normal service will be restored as soon as possible.

Saturday 17th April 1999. New stuff added. A dating pic post page, a better message board, free horoscope and mp3 pages and shareware versions of my commercial files. Nice! Click on the links above.

Tuesday 9th March 1999: Site now almost back to normal. My apologies for any inconvenience caused. Put up a new product on my site. Should be interesting to see how it goes.

Saturday 27th February 1999. My web host was attacked by hackers in the early hours of the morning, and this site was down for a while. Not only mine, but all the accounts that my web host had, even their own site, were erased. Fortunately I had a backup.