Hidden Causes Of Illness In Human Beings – Part 2

No. 2: Bad diet.

More and more of our western diet is composed of food that doesn’t properly nourish the human body. 

It’s not unusual for a working-class Englishman to have a can of Red Bull and some crisps for breakfast. His more affluent neighbour might have bacon, egg, sausages, white toast and tea.

Now, do you think, dear reader, that an athlete or a film star would eat such for breakfast? Of course not. And why not? Because they degrade the appearance and efficiency of the body over time. 

Junk food is not truly nourishing.
Processed food is not truly nourishing. 

Even white bread and white rice is considered processed food by nutritionists; the husk has been removed from the grain.

I propose that anyone who has spent fifty years eating junk and processed food cannot then fault God if they develop cancer of the bowel; the body has been degraded by bad-quality food for too long and age means it can’t compensate any more. 

The solution is to put more fruit and vegetables in the diet and ingest as little as possible anything a farmer wouldn’t give his pigs; he wants them to be healthy, so he can sell them!