How You Can Become Rich And Lead A Beautiful Life

How You Can Become Rich And Lead A Beautiful Life.

Your great-grandfather:

– Chooses a lucrative profession;
– Works diligently;
– Lives frugally;
– Stays sober;
– Embraces a high moral code;
– Marries money.

To add contentment to this mix, put God before any of the above.


– Repeat for your grandfather.
– Repeat for your father.

Result: you are rich and have the kind of life where you hire publicists to keep your name out of the newspapers.

Why are certain families super-rich, and stay that way?

– They hire honest, intelligent men to manage their wealth in a diffident and self-effacing way.

– They have 300 years’ experience in seeing off the crooks who would rob them.

– They don’t bequeath their wealth to any child who has deviant tendencies. It goes to the dutiful, decent, intelligent son who has married well.

After 300 years of this, only having one son, who is a deviant, can halt the amassing of more wealth. He wastes it all and the trajectory ends.

Otherwise, The Family becomes the kind you only hear about when the handsome son marries the beautiful daughter of another dynasty. The dream continues and becomes even grander. No conspiracy needed!