Does Boris Johnson Want To Start World War III?

WWI – ‘We must rescue plucky Belgium.’
WWII – ‘We must rescue plucky Poland.’
WWIII – ‘We must rescue plucky Ukraine.’

Let’s all rush to help a country that means little to us and take on a vicious ogre and his brutal armies. A country (the UK) that was bankrupted by two world wars looks like it wants to start another one.

Boris Johson reportedly models himself on Churchill. It’s well known that Winston Churchill was personally a bad military strategist. B. J. has shown signs of megalomania in the past e.g. his Garden Bridge fiasco in London.

Do our leaders think that Russia thinks like they do; that Russia will never use nuclear or thermobaric weapons on Western nations?

The recent EU, Covid, Ukraine and ‘SexWar’ hysterias have shown that the western leaders and their technocrats cannot think straight. They’ve never been shot, or shot at, themselves, so they mistake the virtual world in which there are no harsh consequences (electronic media) for the real one (food queues, ruined lives and bodies coming home on troop transports.)

Or it simply doesn’t matter to them; they themselves won’t be personally harmed. They can create a New World Order out of the ruins, in which they will sit on thrones.

It’s win-win-win: Russia gets beaten (win!) or WWIII happens and they get to finally subjugate (win!) the reduced population (win!)