Inferring The Existence Of God

We are more intelligent than animals.
The universe is huge.
It is likely there are entities more intelligent and powerful than us.
The universe is finite.
Therefore there is one being who is the most intelligent and powerful of all beings.

How can we lower creatures totally understand higher ones?

If there are beings in a relation to us, as we are to amoebas, then they may exist outside of the constraints of time, space and mortality that we suffer. We cannot comprehend them, as mice cannot comprehend us.

Now we make a jump.

People report seeing ghosts and demons. They report life after death and life beyond the material plane. They get information about the material plane which they could not have got by currently understandable means. This has been going on for as long as Man has existed.

The behaviour of ghosts, demons, angels and the denizens of heaven is like that of beings unconstrained by four-dimensional space-time. They materialse at will and can ‘see’ the future. They intersect with our plane of existence in ways which are frightening to us, as they come from ‘above’. They are like adults doing mysterious things that babies can’t grasp. They foretell the future because they stand outside linear time and can see probabilities coalescing further ahead.