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The templates below are a guaranteed way of getting your blog higher in Google for your search terms.

I noticed that Google wasn’t indexing my blog properly. I commissioned a search engine optimised WordPress template to fix this. Then I made prettier versions.

These templates (also called ‘themes’) are 100% guaranteed to make Google index your blog properly. They’re also easy to install.

Wanna see ’em?

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Background to this story: My troubles with WordPress themes

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July 2008: ARCHIVED.

tt-seo-citrus | Download
tt-seo-sun-latte | Download
tt-seo-city-night | Download
tt-seo-waterbird-bronze | Download
tt-seo-mount-blue | Download

11 thoughts on “Special SEO WordPress Theme – Get Higher In Google

  1. Nice theme for seo. Really.
    There is just one question I want to ask.
    See the soures, you can see:

    “title”TigerTom Blasts The Iniquitous | General”/title””meta name=”description” content=” General” /””meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,noarchive,follow” /””meta name=”googlebot” content=”noarchive” /””title”TigerTom Blasts The Iniquitous | General Archives”/title””meta name=”description” content=” General” /””meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,noarchive,follow” /””meta name=”googlebot” content=”noarchive” /””meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ /””meta name=”generator” …….

    There are 2 titles, 2 metas… Which title or meta robots will follow ? In your blog , meta in categories and meta in archives are the same, so there will be no problem. But I want robots index my categories , noindex my archives. That’s the problem : Which line robots will follow ?

  2. You’ve discovered a bug, alright. I’ll have to get that fixed. The meta descriptions here are the same. I suppose Google would pick the last one. There shouldn’t be duplicates at all.

    Thank you for letting me know. As the aim of this script is to cut out all duplicate content, I will not be making category pages indexable. WordPress is so SEO-unfriendly out of the box it’s a joke; I’m just going to make a bug-free SEO theme, and leave it at that.

  3. Hi~

    Notice that you have only 1 category. So your category page must be the same as index page. But if you have lots of categories : Monday write post in cat1 , Tuesday write post in cat2….. Sunday in catX. Then all categories will diffenent.

    I want my category be index because “site:mydomain.com” , just /page/ /feed/ /trankback/ /200X/X/ marked as Supplemental Result.

    Regards From China

  4. Can you show me your site? Supplemental results occur because of:

    1. Duplicate content
    2. Not enough text
    3. Not many links to a page.

    I think 2. and 3. are the reason some of my own blog pages are going supplemental.

    I may not be able to help you. I have to be brutal with WordPress to make it SEO friendly; this means some things webmasters want will not work, or cannot be implemented.

  5. UPDATE:Today I’ve uploaded a version in which the duplicate meta-tag bug is fixed. I’ll let it run for a few days, then upload it to the download site.

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