Where Are The Heroes Of Yesteryear?

Charles Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat leader, has been tossed overboard by his honourable colleagues.

I remember looking at pictures of politicans and sporting heroes from years gone by. I was struck by how few would be known today, even by name.

Just because eveyone tells you you’re important, doesn’t mean you are. I used to work at a market research company. One executive told me that if he contributed to the literature on pharmaceutical marketing, he could die happy.

We should all get out of the house and climb a mountain, occasionally. See things from the perspective of God. We are players on a stage, and the Gods are on the balcony. Sitting around whinging, focussing on minutae, will get us bottled off.

I think it was the noted English occultist, Amado Crowley, who said: "Man thinks he is a problem waiting to be solved. He doesn’t realise he was meant to be an answer".

Man is a key. Some people ‘fit’ their space in the continuum, and they are blessed and can bless. The rest of us pick at our psychological scabs, and exist in petty conflict with our brothers and sisters.