Pagan Liberalism Vs Islamic Puritanism

It’s wryly amusing to a conservative Irish Catholic to see Western pagan liberals trying to force Islam into their worldview.

Islam is a militant, puritanical and doctrinaire religion. Muslims are everything liberals are not. Islam wishes to put them under, or to, the sword. Still they cry: “That is not the true Islam! Moderate muslims’ voices are not being heard! Don’t be biased against muslims!”

They do not realise that political correctness is a psychic virus. It causes the infected to act against their own interests, to value enemies over their own kind and to spread the virus further. Its energy is from leftism and ultimately the Lord Of Misrule.

My current view is that they cannot understand people who have sincere views about who and what they are and who wish to impose their views on others, by force.

They, the muslims, believe their views to be the best and they utterly scorn western decadence. They despise us.

The liberals make up their beliefs from out of the mush of western media. Their beliefs are written in sand. They bow to any and every idol and believe in none, except one: the idol of themselves.

These two ‘religions’ are not compatible except in one area: both scorn Christianity and work to undermine societies based on it.

A pity they don’t realise that Christianity the engine of the West’s success, whose fruits they both currently enjoy.

A pity one couldn’t drop San Francisco, Hampstead and Islington into Saudi Arabia and sit back and watch the results.