From Calvary To Cafeteria – What Don’t You Understand?

The Credo religion started around 2000 years ago. From the beginning, opinions varied about what to believe and how to practice it. Major divisions arose and were settled.
Fast forward 1500 years and a king of Albion, a small Credo country, wanted to divorce his wife. This wasn’t allowed by the Credo priests, so he did it anyway and declared himself head of his own Me-Church. He was helped in this by Credo heretics, who said he could do it. Which he did. More than once.

This Me-Church started dropping practices and beliefs of the Credo church. Since Me-Church was founded upon opinion, individual believers started to splinter from it. This led to the formation of a lot of Me-Tooer churches. 

Fast forward another 450 years. The Credo church is starting to be affected by the Me-Tooer church environment, which is trans-national and dominant in some countries. Members want the liberties the Me-Tooers enjoy; freedom of belief and practice.

It does not occur to this faction that a religion which changes its beliefs and practices cannot claim to be The One True Church; what was held to be true and sacred yesterday must be true and sacred today. Otherwise, it’s a free-for-all; your opinion becomes as good as mine.

Me-Tooers in the Credo church have some notable successes. They made major changes to the sacred rites. These changes made the non-priests more prominent in the rites and were operated in the local language, instead of the sacred one. Those who protested were barracked, silenced or ignored.

In 2014 an attempt was made by the Credo heretics to change the church doctrine. Another attempt will reportedly be made in 2015. This is obvious iconoclasm, yet, fascinatingly, many Credo apologists say it isn’t.

This writer presumes that such apologists would happily agree that a horse is not a camel and vice-versa; that a beast which hunts in packs and howls at the moon probably a wolf, and not a pussy-cat.

Often-times, things are what they appear to be. Credo sophists argue they ain’t, or argue that we should give the benefit of the doubt. Their corrupt view of Credo charity demands it. 

My view is that that which howls at night on the blasted heath IS a wolf. By the time Credo sophists are satisfied, the sheep will have been devoured.