At The Recent Catholic Synod The Enemy Shows His Hand

At the Reformation, an English king wanted to put away his wife.

We’ve come a long way since then, in the West.

Divorce normalised. Contraception normalised. Abortion normalised. Sodomitic ‘marriage’ normalised.

Euthanasia is next. Then paedophila. Then Satanism in the cathedral. And it will seem normal, for the ground will have been prepared by stealth, cowardice, peer pressure and clever argument beforehand. Not forgetting the darkness the Enemy befuddles mens’ minds with.

Based on reports of the voting at the Synod, in 2014, many Catholic bishops appear to have no problem in extending a ‘welcome’ to sodomites and ‘the divorced and remarried’ i.e. adulterers. They should be calling them to repentance, instead.

To publicly admit manifest sinners to Communion is an insane act; priests that do so will have betrayed Christ and broken God’s Law. For such sinners to receive Christ, without confession, speeds the sinners’ damnation. Unless we are supposed to believe it’s not really Christ Himself in the Host; this is the implication.

So, in a few weeks, Pope Francis & Co attempted to finish what Luther started.

If they succeed they will have destroyed the sacraments of Marriage, Confession and Communion. What they are proposing contradicts not just Tradition, but the Bible.
If they succeed then Rome’s claims for the primacy of the successor to Peter will have been refuted by his successor, Francis; for if he, Francis, is right, then his predecessors were wrong.
If they were wrong then the Catholic Church cannot be Christ’s true Church on Earth; it’s just one of many sects.

I’d like to think the bishops involved are just dull and don’t see the bomb they have put in the hold of the barque that ferries them. Can no one point out to them that what they dearly want has already been embraced by the Anglican Communion, and that it has made the latter not just a joke, but utterly marginalised, in public life?

It’s time the Church vigourously prosecuted heretics and admitted holy men to holy orders, instead of politicians, if only so that we laymen, who hire these professionals, can be sure of getting the classic service and not a suspect local variant.