Sodomitic Marriage And The Decline Of Reason

Peculiar times we live in. Or are they?

Societies reach a point where the mores of their forefathers are scorned. Leaders, entrusted with exemplifiying the rules and upholding them, break them instead. Self-interest trumps the greater good. That which would have shocked your grandfather is now arriere-garde to his grandson.

Now we live in times where, through a combination of indoctrination and propaganda, something which is unreasonable is touted as moral.

Specifically, it is the current attempt to decree, as law, something that is, by definition, nonsense: sodomitic ‘marriage’.

A quick overview: marriage means the union of a man and woman under law, for the purposes recognising their exclusive bond and the legitimisation of their children.

Basically, it keeps order in society through the regulation of procreation. It ennobles a base passion and legalises an existing love.

Naming two men or two women as ‘married’ is meaningless. They don’t even have the complimentary organs to accomplish it. The arguments for it are only emotive; thus, they are poor reason.

It’s a bit like those women who currently plead to be ordained priests in the Roman Catholic Church. A woman priest is a priestess. Christ was a man and a priest is a man who acts ‘in persona Christi’; he acts as Christ. Christ was and is a man.

It was never part of the Catholic tradition for a woman to confect the Eucharist or hear confessions but the cry seems to be “it’s soooo unfairrrr!” that a priestess can’t put on men’s clothes, perform religious acts exclusive to men and call herself a priest!

It’s a bit like a demanding that a donkey be run in the Derby and for it to be called a racehorse!

I read recently: “A society thinks it’s heart is softening when in fact, its head is”. I agree.

Also, you now have cardboard-cutout politicians currently trying to appeal to the chattering classes. They think they’re being sophisticated, whereas they’re really showing how superficial their understanding of order in society is.

An example is of this ignorance is political correctness.

You can’t legislate against causing offense. Everyone finds something offensive, including your very person and mine. So you can’t legislate against offensiveness or we’ll all be criminals. Our politicians don’t know these basics of moral philosophy.

This tells me that the proponents of political correctness are profoundly ignorant. This is worrying, as these are prominent people in our society.

Other factors add to the mix: Since the destruction of the USSR and the failure of Socialism, Western leftists, the eternal revolutionaries, have turned on their own society in other ways: they are destroying its norms and replacing them with the etiquette of Bohemia. Manners change. They arise out of the mass mind. Manners are no basis for moral norms, the latter which, by definition, must persist.

Whatever is self-centred and rebellious is now seen as good. Even better for a cause if the leftists imaginary patriarchy seems to be against it. The soul that hates itself and its society will embrace any novelty that aids their destruction.

It’s the cry of Lucifer: “Why Him above me? I will not serve!”.

As a Catholic, I am struck how uncannily the aims of leftists match those of Hell: to degrade human beings to the status of mere flesh, to encourage them to break with their forefathers, to let them indulge themselves and then profit from the disorder that follows.

Plus, I guess, it’s boosted by sheer aimlessness. With the USA running the West and the EU running the UK and Brussels running the EU, politicians and the chattering classes have to find something to cause a scandal, otherwise their existence is negated. There’s little for them to do, otherwise.

Legal euthanansia and infanticide are not far off. It’s simply logic, you see.