The Novus Ordo Can Be Just As Reverent As The TLM …

… but it almost always isn’t.

The Novus Ordo only has value because it contains elements of the TLM.

The Mass of Paul VI has value in spite of what it is.
The TLM has value because of what it is.

A mass has intrinsic and extrinsic merits. The extrinsic merits of the TLM are far greater than that of the Novus Ordo.

The Mass of Paul VI only has value because it contains a valid consecration of proper matter. In the current period, if the celebrant has been invalidly baptised, or ordained, or does not have the proper intention, it may not even have that.

The TLM contains a valid consecration, and a great deal more.

There is a peculiar form of willed blindness to the obvious in defenders of the Novus Ordo Mass. To them I say: if it looks and sounds like an iconoclasm, then it is an iconoclasm. We’ve even had the smashing of the altars!

Beware of a Christianity in which you feel comfortable and which you find agreeable. Christ contradicts the World.

Homosexual clergy ministering to elderly, protestant congregations, whose children are pagans, should be a clue that the experiment has failed.

Jorge Bergoglio reverencing the Whackamama may be God’s way of underlining this point: Something IS Very Wrong. This writer hopes that his act of betrayal may also be a full stop, in historical terms.