If A Loving God, Why Hell?

The pablum I was fed was sweet indeed but a growing child needs savour also to be truly healthy.

I wonder now how many of the propagandists for God’s Luv in my youth were either effeminate themselves or influenced by such men and knowing no better. We now know that many/most(?) seminaries were not teaching tradition.

As children we had great fun re-arranging the furniture in our house. It’s a shame that adults did it to the core of their society: their religion. We children put the furniture back in its proper place at day’s end; the VII reformers did not.

God’s Mercy implies His Justice. If I have the power to show you mercy, implicit in that is that I have power over you; that I can judge you and then enforce that judgement.

So that’s the first clue; God is not a senile grandfather, he is Pater Omnipotens, the Just Judge.

The following is speculation; take it or leave it:

Hell is God’s Wrath manifest as a place and/or …

The absence of hope and
The absence of caritas and
The absence of anything good and
The absence of light and
The absence of God Himself and …

The presence of beings purely evil, who hate each other with undying hate, in a plastic, psychic, yet super-real plane,
lasting forever. Who torture each other, forever.

And you can go there and be among them, quite easily.