The Peculiar Culture Of Britain

I suppose as an Irishman I should gloat at the state of the UK. However, I truly wish the locals were happier.

I’m trying to give up being angry, and carping about the state of things here. It IS their country, after all.

The locals must like it, to put up with it. I’m being serious. This is Britain. Being miserable may be part of the national character. It’s Anglo-Saxon. It’s Germanic.

– Law and order.
– Being happy in public is indecent.
– Form an orderly queue.
– Get pissed and have a fight; a grand night out.
– Have good gripe.
– Are you happy? “Musn’t grumble, can’t complain, all right I suppose, not too bad, thank you”.
– Chips for breakfast.
– Boobs on page 3.
– Religion is for t*ats
– Parliament can make whatever laws it like. And does so. Every day.

I suppose they’ve been subjects for a thousand years, they can’t imagine an alternative. There’s always someone above you, ‘better’ than you. No commoner can ever aspire to be King or Queen. Give ’em an OBE if they’reÂ? good, but _don’t_ invite them in for a cup of tea.

If they only knew the effect of being born and raised in a Republic can have on one’s character: “We’re free, FREE, ha ha, and we bow to no man! WAHOO!”