These 4 Things Need To Die

– Political correctness;
– Health and safety culture;
– Compensation culture;
– Welfare-statism.

Overall the problem is leftism, which is Communism at its heart. It must die.

Communism is state-sponsored theft, which results in a crooked, repressive, stagnant society. At the root of Communism are some of the oldest sins: covetousness and anger.

Leftists prate about tolerance, fairness and compassion but when they take power they put the conservatives up against the wall first, and then their own comrades.

Then the most cunning and brutal of the pack becomes the Glorious Leader, often to the surprise of his sleeker comrades.

Then the Terror begins.

Do the fervent, emotional, struggling revolutionaries ever imagine it might be them that gets a bullet behind the ear, in a grubby, non-descript basement, one day?

No fanfare, no big speech, no religious rite, no friends to mourn you. Just your carcass slung in the back of an ambulance, to be quickly harvested for organs in the nearest state-controlled hospital.

Who knows: your red heart might end up powering the body of a party favourite. For the cause, komrads!

Party officials form the new overclass. They get nice dinners and the proletarians get a subsistence living. Or they starve.

Communism finds fertile soil when the ‘haves’ use the have-nots too hard. A man who sees no future for himself will happily join a mob fighting to take yours.

A man who sees his children starve will hurl yours into a pit for spite.

People need hope: true hope or false hope, but they need hope.