Contra Sacerdotal Sodomites

The proper response to discovering a priest or religious is homosexual is laicisation. If it is discovered that a seminarian is a homosexual, he should be sent home.


1. Sodomy is a grave sin.

It is one of the four sins that cry out to God for vengeance i.e. it is very serious. That the Catholic Church currently admits men drawn to this evil to holy orders is in itself perverse.

One might as well knowingly admit a man with an inclination to kleptomania to the police force, then move him around when he’s caught stealing and cover up when his victims complain. If the police were prone to doing that, there would be public uproar, but in these dark times the Church gets a pass.

2. A homosexual priest cannot properly exercise spiritual fatherhood.

He would not marry and have children (i.e. be a lay father) if he was not a priest, and feels no inclination to do such. He becomes a living lie if he puts himself forward to take the pennies of the poor, for a job he cannot do properly.

3. Laicisation stops the man being a ‘ticking time-bomb’ for further possible outrage. Holy bishops can sleep easier.

Teenage boys have had their lives destroyed and the Church’s reputation sullied because bishops thought these men could be ‘cured’ or, worse, they wanted to shuffle the miscreant somewhere else and ‘make the problem go away’ or hush it up, or, the bishop is a homosexual himself or in some other way compromised, so he won’t bring the hammer down.

If the local law dictates secular punishment and the priest is an actual offender, the Church should co-operate. Otherwise, he may go on to commit more crimes.

4. A homosexual priest is blackmailable.

He is doing something expressly forbidden by his job description. And so he gets a call: “Want to keep your job? Afraid you might give your mammy a heart attack if you were ‘outed’? Do this little favour for me.”

5. A homosexual priest or religious is going to be around nice young men all his life. This is too much temptation.

6. A homosexual priest or religious is not only more likely to fail in his vocation but also help destroy the souls of those he errs with; this is the opposite of his job description.

7. The laity should not be subject to the experiment of being lead by a man with a deep psychological disorder – we want holy men, and holy men want to be priests. We don’t want effeminate men! They are off-putting and thus the sheep will stray.

8. Ordaining a homosexual and hoping he’ll keep his promises is tactically stupid.

He might love all the bells and candles and lace and his mammy is delighted with him and he may think his mildness is a qualification for priesthood; the Church should not indulge such error. It can cost far too much way down the line.