UK/Eire Amateur Covid/Influenza Treatment-At-Home Protocol

In these islands we can’t get the interesting drugs: Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, as far as I’m aware.

The following have helped me when I have had The Covid, and regular influenza.

The idea is to give relief from symptoms,  prevent deterioration, and boost the immune system. 

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The following should harm no normal person, but some people can cut themselves on a piece of paper. So, caveat.)

Take the following in rotation, according to how bad you feel.

The asterisked [*] items should be taken SEPARATELY at the longest intervals you can comfortably manage.

One pill only at a time, if you can manage it.

The idea is that the pills themselves don’t become a problem and you can keep taking them ongoing, as you’re not building up an excess of any one in your liver.


– Aspirin [*]
– Paracetamol [*]
– Ibuprofen [*]

Alternative natural anti-inflamatories:

– Ginger and/or Tumeric and/or Black pepper [*] (in …

— Coffee (for when you want to do some simple work, and for relief.))

The coffee acts as a stimulant and will perk you up so you can do a short, essential task. TAKE CARE THAT YOU DO NOT TIRE YOURSELF IF YOU DO MANUAL WORK. It’s beyond stupid to deplete your own body when it is fighting on your behalf.


– Small amounts of alcohol (Brandy, Port) [*]


– Tinned fruit cocktail
– Chicken soup
– Vegetable soup
– Mixed vegetables

You will find there is little food you want to eat when you are ill, and what you want to eat, then, tends to be non-processed and healthy.

Thus: Do not eat food like bacon and crisps until you’re sure the disease is gone.


– Multivitamins
– Vitamin D
– Vitamin C
– Water, tea and other non-artificial drinks to wash any viruses in your throat down into your stomach, where your stomach acids can kill them.

Possibly very important:

– Zinc supplement.

Zinc often comes up in any un-biased treatment protocol for influenza and Covid.

Again, take these on rotation, at intervals of hours-plus/days, not all at once. Give your liver some respite.

Some of the above just help with the symptoms, but the symptoms can be annoying. If the symptoms are diminished the patient gets relief so they can sleep. Then they heal.

Also: The Jesus Prayer, said repetitively and with reverence: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”


– Sitting up in bed until you can sleep.

Lying down, when you can’t sleep, makes you feel worse. If you’re sitting up, the phlegm can go down your throat more easily.

— If you can’t sleep after 20 minutes:

Get up and watch some positive, fun TV, read a positive, fun book to pass the time while your body is fighting the disease, and to distract from the symptoms. The body sleeps when it’s genuinely tired and relaxed and not before.

– If you aspirate (get into your lungs) your own phlegm, cough it up immediately. You don’t want the bug to penetrate further into your body.

Likewise, blow your nose with tissues and then discard them.

IMPORTANT: After 2.5 – 7 days, according to the strength of your immune system, you will feel better. Still a little wobbly, but better. You will want to go back to work. Don’t. Going back to work when the virus is still active may bring on a relapse. You will feel worse again soon after and be out for another week.