Wise Words – August 2022 – On The Social Progression To Tyranny In the West

The following are ideas of my own, or sourced off conservative websites on the internet.

======== On incremental tyranny:

They want to return us to serfdom. One more economic collapse will do that. Your ‘cash’ (electronic credits) will devalue and your property will either be taken to pay your debts or the state will simply declare ownership by fiat. We now have a generation who can’t afford to buy a small 2-bedroom house. You will sweat for credits that will barely keep you alive and sheltered. What credits you have can be seized from you at the push of a button. The game is rigged and you’re not at the top table.

The few will live lives of obscene luxury and the many will barely get by. Those who rebel will be arrested, drugged, tortured, hounded or ruined.

You will assent to the current Lies or forfeit your freedom. See China as a model for the future of Canada.

In the end, it won’t be Capitalism or Communism. It will be Technocracy; the demonic Few will dictate to the sedated Many. A few rich will be tolerated for their means and abilities. If any step out of line, see early 21st C. Russia for the model of their fate.

Any truculent Undermen will be identified easily due to electronic surveillance, and dealt with. The are so heedless, they tell all about themselves online, without prompting. They assent to being under house arrest, being injected with novel drugs and they constantly call for the government to manage more and more of their lives, while sweating to pay it 40, 50, 60% of their income.

What the Stasi were not able to do – track a whole society – due to lack of computing power, can now be done with a high-end PC.

This New Order will stumble along like a drunken brigand for 80 years, while the country rots around it. Then it will collapse under the weight of deprivation and anger caused by its own stupidity.

Being stupid, because of sin, it is not a smart as it thinks it is. Example: See what the Intelligentsia thought was the proper response to Trump, Brexit, Covid and the Ukraine, and what actually played out.

These people are not as smart as they think they are. They are at least a quarter insane. Competent enough not to be arrested, but inwardly lupine.

This offers the wise man hope.

========== On farming being touted as ‘anti-green:’

1. They simply want to force farmers off the land, then buy it cheap. Farmland is valuable and ‘they aren’t making any more of it.’ As more land becomes poisoned, or desert, arable land becomes more valuable.

2. Green = a current madness, like the reaction to COVID. It’s not rational. Thus, you don’t argue with The Green Party, as you can’t argue with irrational people.

3. They are bureaucrats incrementally working to get more power.

4. They are simply evil. The don’t care about your arguments. The ‘science’ is just a means to oppress you. You waste your time and energy arguing on terms they don’t ultimately care about.

If you can’t/won’t fight for what you’ve got, be prepared to lose it.

Tip: work around them, and wait them out. Take your time to respond to them, refuse to cooperate, call them out, publicise what they are doing. We are too nice. We assume these people are nice, like us. They may not be. You can judge by their actions.

When the policeman tells you to ‘turn around and put your hands behind your back’, it’s too late.

Before you get to that stage, you have to fight them. Hard.

======== On Transgenderites vs Feministas:

Women have been invading traditional male spaces for years. From little league to the Boy Scouts to Special Forces. Feminists have proclaimed for 100 years that women are equal to men in every way.

Now it’s some full circle. Male eunuchs playing ladies sports is the logical result.

Feminists voted for this and are now being hoisted with their own petards.


This is what happens when you outlaw bullying. Bullies would have kept the oddballs in line so they didn’t make it to adulthood being so stupid.

Now snickering nerds e.g. Bill Gates, are working out ways to inject programmable material into your body. They are not smart enough to pose the questions: “What are the limits to my intelligence? Am I stupid, in some ways?”

Powerful, moneyed, arrogant people with a 150 I.Q. are dangerous.

========= On Roe vs Wade being repealed:

The radical left in America is very, very angry that their girlfriends will not now be able to easily kill their sons and daughters in the womb.

========= On the beginnings of Western charities, and their end:

Charity in the West began with the Catholic Church. No other significant organisation cared about illegitimate children, the old and the sick; they were an embarrassment and a burden.

Catholic religious orders started schools and hospitals. Antichrists in time take them over, then shut them down or sell them off or pervert their purpose.

The Gummint takes over what was bought by the donations of the poor and the holy, mismanages it, then sells it off to the wealthy because it can’t run it properly.

A genuine entrepreneur sets up a business from scratch, makes a success of it, then repeats the feat.
A fake entrepreneur gets public or religious property for a song and then leeches off the proceeds.

If he is merely cunning, and not wise, a billion dollar business can become million dollar one. If the product is essential: gas, oil, water or similar, then collapse can be held off for years.