Wise Words – September 2022 – 3rd Week – On Solutions To Common, Popular Problems

================ Solutions to popular problems of our times:

At the time of writing, our society is becoming more decadent and dangerous to the weak and innocent. However, we’re not at the stage where the following are needed. Not yet.

A looming economic depression may help clear the thinking of the mass-mind, causing the chatterati to realise that racism, sexism, fascism and various social ‘phobias’ are (deliberate) distractions to economy, law-and-order and moral norms as social foci.

A white post-Christian whining on social media about racism is virtue-signalling, and not offering a solution to a serious problem, such as inflation.

He probably doesn’t understand the latter. Emoting is easier than reasoning. Thumping the pulpit about yesterday’s ‘issues’ is easier than solving today’s problems.

Anyway, when (God forbid) food queues are the norm and savage riots occur in daytime:

– Psychological depression: make Catholicism the official state religion, bar public expressions of any other and have a Catholic constitutional monarchy.

– Which form of government: A Catholic Constitutional Monarchy.

The Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary would be spiritual king and queen respectively. The human ‘king’ would actually be prince-regent-for-life. His children should not automatically succeed; they may not be suitable, and the strain of being heirs apparent would compromise them growing up.

He would be chosen by popular vote, by this method: he cannot nominate himself, nor can any of his relatives, out to the first cousins. He cannot campaign until he is nominated in his local township by at least 7 people.

The idea is to find someone wise and good and strong-willed who doesn’t want the job, then jam the crown on his head, figuratively speaking!

Campaigning and reporting are to stop 7 days before the election. No criminal convicted of a serious offense e.g. DUI, assault and battery, can be Prince Regent. No non-Catholic can be. The prince regent must be impeccable, insofar as a human being can be. He is, in a way, an offering to God.

No postal voting. All voters must present in person with their ballot card and with some form of ID and then dab their thumb in indelible ink.

– ‘World hunger’: stop the civil wars in those countries which are hungry!

Donations to those countries may be appropriated by the combatants, so don’t just send money or goods blindly. Ask the natives on they ground what they truly need; exotic items turning up in stricken areas is a cliche, now. Find some way to ensure the goods get to the needy, and not the greedy.

Otherwise, don’t waste your money. Some countries have to reach a nadir of destructive mass stupidity before they can rise, in my opinion.

– Drug use: make all non-poisonous, non-deranging (e.g. non-psychedelic) drugs mild, legal and dispensed by chemists.

Anyone found guilty of public intoxication must lose their civil service job, if they have one, and be barred from public service (unless the public directly elect them to their office.) If they persist, let them be publicly caned (flogged.)

Anyone who still persists, let them work in public, in visible service, on a ‘chain gang,’ in their home town. Thrice-convicted small distributors, or once-convicted major distributors, of illegal narcotics, should suffer the death penalty. Premises serving alcohol should have their opening hours restricted, especially on Sunday.

– Non-drug crime: Any non-national convicted in a criminal court of any semi-serious crime: deportation. Anyone else, of any non-serious crime, to the ‘chain gang’ with them.

Let them be made to renovate Catholic church exteriors and grounds, and then the township, and then other public amenities, or be caned (flogged), if their crime is serious, with a large placard bearing their full name and crime placed beside them. The injured party, at their own discretion, may instead accept a fine, of their choice, of which 10% must be paid to a randomly-selected, official Catholic charity.

The problem with the modern legal system is that no one is afraid of it, and they should be. There is currently no true, proper deterrent.

— Executions: These should be for the unrepentant, heinous, repeat criminal. Every condemned man MUST have access to a Catholic confessor with the proper faculties and who has the permission of the local Ordinary. In an emergency an Orthodox priest may suffice.

– Economic depression: currency is to be gold, silver or copper, to 22ct quality. No derivative paper may be traded.

— No loan may be offered at greater than 5% p.a. interest.
— Any imports must be taxed at 10% of the purchase fee.
— The direct taxation of an individual or entity cannot ever exceed 10% of income.
— ‘White collar crime’ e.g. financial fraud, to be treated a seriously as ‘blue collar’ crime.

– Energy crises: The Military, Industrial and Intelligence Complex should have its true principals hunted down and forced (none too politely) to disclose any innovations they have held back.

They should be held in one of the nation’s least comfortable prisons in a single location with rotating, non-native guards and subjected to the same interrogation techniques approved for the nation’s enemies, until satisfactory answers are forthcoming.

Comparing and contrasting their answers will lead to the truth.

– Family break-down: Fornication is to be forbidden. Any sex act not conducted within the bonds of holy matrimony and also which is not open to a child being born: forbidden.

— Divorce: forbidden; if you fail in one marriage, you don’t get to attempt another.

— Contraception: forbidden.

— Abortion: to be treated as murder.

The above will mean far less money is spent on lawyers, doctors and estate agents, which is good. 

– Public immorality: Art is to be subject to censorship, as well as all media displayed in a public place. All TV/film to be rated up to PG and no higher. Any promoter of any work of art to be publicly warned that if their work causes souls to go to Hell, they too will join them there.

– Holidays: there should be more public holidays (holy-days!) on major feasts of the Catholic Church. Working all the time makes people narrow-minded and ill; they lose sight of the bigger picture. Honour God and the rest will follow. Society should shut down as much as possible on a Sunday; the 10 Commandments are commandments, not 10 Suggestions!


============== On social progressives:

The hubris of today’s leftists; they somehow imagine that our forefathers didn’t try everything at one time or another to deal with crime and poverty, including ignoring it.

They settled on the set of rules they did, not because they are racist or mean spirited; they chose them because they worked. Criminals went to jail and the homeless were asked to move along.

Progressives are the people who replace that which works well with that which sounds nice, but doesn’t. They are also hypocrites; they love the idea of catering to minorities but move out of the area if minorities arrive in numbers.


============== On Westernising Islam:

I think Western pagans and modernist Christians think that muslims aren’t serious about their religion; that they will convert to decadent Western ways. They don’t know Islam, or, they are simply happy that muslims are opposed to the dominant culture in their host countries, as the resident radical-left is. They think they can use/discard/convert muslims, for political ends.

They are wrong. To renounce Islam is to invite death and be shunned by your family and friends; these are powerful motivators against apostasy.

Or, Westerners are simply suicidal, culturally: they want an end to themselves and their society. That’s why they import their self-declared enemies in such numbers.


============== ‘Is there anyone in Hell?’:

Judas is almost certainly in Hell because 1) He stole from the Lord’s purse 2) He betrayed the Lord to His enemies, who gave him a cruel and lingering death. 3) He then committed suicide soon after his betrayal 4) Christ himself called him a ‘son of perdition’ and stated that it would have been better if he had never been born i.e. that he was destined for Hell.

Any of 1 to 3 would damn anyone, if they died unrepentant and unconfessed.

Judas had God right in front of him. He walked with Him. He spoke with Him. The Lord made him a disciple.

Judas’ response was to rat Him out to His enemies.

To be certain a person was in Hell, a living saint would have to state that they saw them there, then that private revelation would have to be ratified in due course by the Church.

In my opinion the Church has never officially proclaimed that any one person is in Hell because it never thought its sheep would be so stupid as to question whether evil humans can go to Hell; it’s basic Catholic doctrine. Catholicism/Christianity doesn’t make sense if Hell is not a possible destination for every mortal man.

But, these are the times we live in.

My opinion: national newspapers should have a weekly column: ‘Ask An Exorcist,’ where readers can ask questions if they have any doubts about any Church teaching regarding Sin, Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell.

It would sober people up!


============== On high property and rental prices:

Factors affecting high rental fees and property prices:

1. Uncontrolled immigration increasing demand;
2. Excessive regulation discouraging letting; e.g. rent caps, tenant rights and licensing.
3. Foreign investment in residential property decreasing supply, due to foreigners being afraid of 2., above;
4. Major house-builders deliberately squeezing supply, to keep sale prices high.
5. Government incentive schemes merely raising the average price; if the government gives homebuyers a ‘free’ £5k, house prices go up by £5k across the sector.
6. Wives in the workplace: if both spouses try to ‘steal a march’ by earning a wage, and this becomes commonplace, mortgages go up to reflect the overall increase in spending power.
7. Divorce creates a need for two dwellings; this is a hidden cause of house shortages.

One could say the above is either a diabolical attempt to force citizens into small high-rise boxes as a form of torture and social control, or merely the communist ascendancy being stupid again*.

(*I am reminded of a comment by Blessed Catherine Emmerich on pre-Judaic, diabolically-possessed ‘men of reknown,’ which I recall as: ‘They could work out anything, except their own salvation.’ Sin darkens the mind, always.)


============= On Charles III of Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth:

Alas for our new king: having put away his lawful wife and married another whose husband is still living, a wise man may watch and see how God rewards such behaviour.

On a positive note, he seems like a nice man, as a person, and certainly not a weirdo/pervert/tyrant.

So Britain could do well, again. Except: some of his relatives could be an embarrassment. Also, he may find his idiosyncrasies scrutinised much more.

Thus, he should not give interviews and only appear on those occasions which give him positive publicity. As his mother did!