The New Age – The Truth At Last

New Age = Occultism = Spiritualism = Diabolism.

That’s a bit harsh, you say?

Alas, my starry dreamer, it is the truth.

Where do you think the Power comes from? It’s not Heaven, is it? White magic and black magic are both demonic in origin.

‘White witches’ are the useful idiots of the occult. Here’s a test for Mistress Wise: Ask your familiar to say “Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!” Here’s another: tell them you don’t want to contact them any more and for them to stop contacting you. See what happens.

Mediums talk to lying spirits, which are demons. The demon pretends it’s your grandma. It gives tidbits of information that while they are true (sometimes), they are not truly helpful and/or they are banal. Meanwhile, serious problems like illnesses and accidents erupt around you.

You’re walking down the wide and pleasant road to Hell. You don’t need Catholicism because you think you’ve got a hotline to Heaven. Watch how your ‘contact’ gets you do do more and more sinful things. Watch what happens when you try to disown them.

The devil is a liar, you see, forever and for all. He’s the king of deceit and he’s had a long time to practice it.