One Vector For Apostasy From The Catholic Church

I’ve read that one vector for a pious Catholic to apostasise nowadays is Novus Ordo -> TLM -> Byzantine Catholic -> Orthodox -> StayAtHomePope. You can be a bit too picky.

Don’t presume the Orthodox are problem-free. Do some research first. As the Orthodox are essentially protestant and nation-based i.e. split into factions, the wider world doesn’t much care what happens in them, so they don’t feature in the news. And that suits the Devil just fine.

Find a TLM said by a holy priest and wait for the current welling-up of filth to be seen by all who have eyes to see; then any fervent Catholics left can make their choice: schism, conversion, lapsation or apostasy. The Church will continue, but most modern ‘catholics’ may not be in it.

The Devil is showing us all exactly what he’s doing so we will be complicit if we make an accommodation with it. For the moment, you have to be a ‘parish shopper’.

Work on attaining holiness; all the tools are online. Just find some places you can get valid sacraments well-said i.e. traditional orthodoxy, and wait out the coming implosion.