What To Do With Faithless Priests

What to do with faithless priests? Laicise the lot, instantly, by fiat. Much easier.

Files are kept on every priest and bishop. The hierarchy know who the faithless priests are.

The problem is that many bishops are also heretics, at the very least, or they are homosexuals, or both.

If neither, their ‘brother’ bishops may have the means to blackmail them. Thus, the lack of clamour to police priests and bishops who are faithless.

This would be better, I think: Let there be another protestant church for this generation of proud sinners. The sodo-heretics have done too much damage, and their numbers are too great, to tolerate them any more.

Then the rest of us can get on with the practical work of giving God the obedience and worship he demands, in peace.

Pope Francis & Co seem to be working to create a NuChurch Of Nice which isn’t Catholic and may soon not even be ‘Christian In Name Only’. The Remnant will then be, by default if nothing else, the Church of Christ on Earth, whatever their political status.

As you can’t logically reconcile the World with Christ, I suspect the NuChurch project’s purpose is simply to wreck the Catholic Church as much as possible.

This is ultimately is the result of the manipulations of the demons of Hell, whatever that deviant stream of individuals from Abp. Bugnini to Pp. Francis may think they are doing.

‘Cui bonum’, as always.