Google Owns Your Website.

Google Owns Your Website.

Think about it.

How much of your traffic is from Google? How much do you really depend on it? Google is constantly refining its algorithm. You’re doing OK now, but that will change. They just need to refine the old algo’ until it’s perfect.

You see, Google is constantly expanding. It wants to be THE information provider. And that will ultimately exclude you.

Lets run down what it owns:

Google Earth
Google Base
Google Checkout

… and that’s just off the top of my head. It’s encroaching all the time. Webmasters scurry around fretting about their Google PageRank or SERPs; they don’t see what’s looming up behind them.

Try this query:

Didn’t need any website to answer that one, did they?

Google Base is especially insidious. What do you need a website for? Just list your stuff there!

The internet damaged Old Media. And now Google can easily damage you.

Tick, tick, tick.