Wise Words – November 2022 – On Project Fear, Leftism and Cosmetic Surgery

On one advantage of being a conspiracy theorist: 

One advantage of being a conspiracy theorist is not having myocarditis.

Why are outcomes at the UK NHS so poor?

The NHS is run by wealthy socialists, a politburo defending their territory. Socialism requires people to want to operate  contrary to human nature. This takes a lot of public money. The staff come first and the public second.

The civil service is the same: unaccountable middle-class socialists pimping of the public purse. They create their own fiefdoms, which they defend by stonewalling and pseudo-piety.

Meanwhile, services degrade. There are frontline  ‘staff shortages’ because of ‘budget cuts’, while the managerial class rarely get the boot. 

On subjects of cosmetic surgery:

Cosmetic surgery subjects don’t look young. They look like one or more of the following:

– Oriental;
– Feline;
– Piscine;
– Waxen;
– A burn victim;
– Someone who’s had an allergic attack;
– Someone who’s had cosmetic surgery!

Cosmetic surgery was developed to help war injury sufferers fit back into society; so that people wouldn’t stare at them so much. It has not been perfected to the state where it’s entirely unnoticeable; an astute person can easily spot people who have had work done.

You also erase part of your personality; if you change your face, you change how people ‘read’ you; you become a different person. It is sad when a person no longer looks like their younger self at all.

Then there are the surgeons who only know how to do one kind of face.

Then there’s the fact that if you pull skin back, inject cheeks and lips, you are going to look like … everyone else who has had those procedures.

I believe it stems from neurosis, powerlessness and low sense of self-worth; you can’t control your environment but you can control your appearance.

Even eyebrow-plucking tends to lead to … having to draw eyebrows back in! A middle-aged woman can end up with clown eyebrows if she does not restrain her impulses.

I don’t think people realise that surgery, for anything, is a last resort, as there will always be scarring. Surgical steel and human flesh are not natural partners.

On the repulsive nature of US communism:

Wokism, globalism and petty tyrannies have done a great damage to US cultural hegemony. Joe Biden appointing cross-dressers and sexual perverts to important posts alienates Christians, Muslims, masculine men and feminine women. That is  a huge constituency.

Add in the peculiar insistence on Covid mandates and you have a growing disgust with the good ol’ USA in those who should  be its natural allies.

The USA has problems getting high-quality recruits for their armed forces. This is partly why they exited Afghanistan in a very disorganised fashion.  Their media and entertainment corporations are nosediving. Likewise their softer tech companies e.g. Twitter and  Facebook.


USA leftism is facile and very obvious. Leftism alienates every former communist state and every sober man and woman with a stake in their society’s future: people with businesses, families and/or good jobs.

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On Operation Fear:

– Covid hysteria ends.
– Replace with: Ukraine hysteria.
— Continue Operation Fear.
– Replace with: Economic/ecologic hysteria.
— Continue Operation Fear, giving …
– More tax, more inflation, more restrictions …
= Profit: Financial and political. Just not for you!

Covid vaccine dividends: more people injured or dead from strokes and heart attacks + more people with weak or overactive immune systems = more sick people = more drugs sold = more profit for pharma companies + a reduced (Christian) population  = A big win for the satanic cabal that controls most of this planet.

Meanwhile, the Prisoner in the tabernacle waits to be adored.