The Secrets of Anti-Gravity and Zero-Point Energy

Note: I am not a physicist. The following is from memory and offered to inspire such men as may dare to create the necessary machinery. It is what I remember from reading a lot of unusual web pages and viewing some unusual videos.

CAVEAT: If you do come up with a valid generator, you should keep the plans simple and publicise them immediately, anonymously, freely and widely. Or just offer free electricity, very quietly, to your nearest and dearest, only.

If you attempt to get a patent, go personally public, get greedy or make a business, you will be silenced: bribed, bought out, threatened or killed. Clever young physicists can be very stupid when it comes to business politics.

Why? Because if anti-gravity and/or zero-point energy were commercially realised, they would destroy major industries and thus the power-bases of Those who tell the presidents of the great nations what They want done. Corporations and robber-barons have always played rough. Read your business history.

It is likely that anti-gravity and zero-point energy generators have already been achieved, and by multiple methods. There are too many varied anecdotes. These methods are likely locked up in the vaults of corporations and government black projects.

Consider this: it is a fact ‘Great Advances In Science’ seemed to end after the creation of the atomic bomb. Why is that? We went from a world of great possibilities to one where most people spend most of their free time getting dopamine hits from trivia conveyed through personal communicators.

Where are the hover cars of our promised tomorrow?

Here is what I recall from my reading:

Zero-point energy:

– Zero-point energy is not ‘free’ energy; it comes from a substratum of our level of physical existence. It does not violate a law of thermodynamics.

– A capacitor is sparked up 100+ times per second, to get the initial ‘cold-electricity’ to kick in; it creates an effect.

– Cold electricity is not bi-polar, it flows in one direction i.e. it does not require positive and negative poles (a circuit.)

– A cold electricity / zero-point energy generator will get colder and ice will form on it, unlike an A/C generator, which gets warmer. This makes sense if energy is being drawn from a substratum of our level of existence.

Anti-gravity employs the above and also:

– Electro-magnetism;

– A copper torus;

– A mercury spindle (super cooled?);

– Nuclear power to start the initial [AC/DC?] generator, to fit in a typical saucer craft, for reliability, to generate millions of volts initially, for utility and for longer journeys in space;

– A craft of 24 metallic sections, with electro-magnetism increased/decreased in that section you want the craft to move in the direction of;

– A local bubble of space-time is created.

(Standard life support is needed for the human travellers, for obvious reasons.)

Resulting in:

Frictionless travel, no g-forces, immediate rapid right-angled turns, no control surfaces needed, 5000 mph easily achieved by the crudest craft.


– Military physicists are very different to academic physicists. They have to produce working, tangible results.

Academic physicists by contrast are close-minded, fear their peers and want to retain tenure. So they play safe. Result: no working space travel for you, buddy!

– Bad actors will infiltrate any business or convention to disrupt genuine advances in the areas of anti-gravity and free energy. The current ascendancy has too much to lose to let another Tesla succeed and get famous.

– Use of zero-point energy speeds up the entropy (and implosion?) of the current universe very, very, very slightly every time it is used.

– More advanced craft travel in higher dimensions, because even with a craft as described above it would take too long to get to the nearest solar system, never mind another galaxy.

Take it or leave it:

– Humans are not permitted to travel beyond the Moon, as they are considered too aggressive by advanced alien races.

– Occultists know fine well what (many/most) UFOs are. They consider UFOlogists to be stupid and looking in the wrong direction.

— There is an overlap between psychism and physics in ‘UFOlogy.’ (1) Psychics communicate with aliens who are in fact,  demons. (2) Tangible metal craft are a separate phenomenon.  (3) Advanced races have mastered mental powers as they have mastered the material plane, and can go anywhere (and any-when) they want. This is why UFOs tend to leave little physical trace.

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