8 Tools To Sainthood

1. The Jesus Prayer

“Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”

Start this mindfully, then let your heart take over.

2. Humility

Realise the Christ is a king and set over all creatures. You can’t overman him. You must be as a serf to his lord.

3. Prayer

Petition the King humbly, kneeling.

4. Fasting

A full belly leads to sloth. An empty belly is an offering of suffering.

5. Suffering

Suffering is the coin of Heaven. Man has a debt to pay. The scales must be balanced. Suffering cheerfully undergone for Christ’s sake is pleasing to God.

6. Offerings

The Work of God needs money and labour. It doesn’t proceed merely by good wishes. You can help by offering both. A lighter wallet is a form of suffering too!

6. The Sacraments

Trying to get to Heaven without these is like a swimmer, in a tempest, refusing the offer of a lifebelt (from the Barque of Peter!)

Confession is the most important, after Baptism. Without this, the chance of Heaven, across a population, is minute.

7. Charity

See Christ in others and give to the needy. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice. You can make small sacrifices every day.

8. Continence

Avoid every form of evil. Restrain evil passions. Ignore the glittering trash the World offers. Have clean hands, clean head, clean heart and thus a clean soul.