The Sissified Society

21st Century England is a sissified society. Narcissism is rampant, weakness is extolled, complaining is a culture and wheedling a virtue.

I would caricature Britannia nowadays as an obese single mother of b******s. Her b******s were begotten by different men. The b*****d sons have ‘problems at school’ and later, trouble with the law. They have no father to smack them down when their natural selfishness manifests. The Liberal Consensus tells us that Smacking Is Always Wrong. So worn-out women have to plead with their hellions to behave. It is sad.

The b******d daughters will joust with their mother. This is normal, as girls compete with their mother, as boys with their father. This will be tiring, as there is no father to tell them to back off. Substitute ‘father figures’ have no authority. The young termagant shrieks at these half-men "You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my father!" Such girls may later seek male affection that leads to them to having b******s of their own. Thus, the cycle continues until disaster, conscience or Divine Intervention breaks it.

It’s the same if she’s divorced. Parents who divorce lay down their crosses and their children take them up. This is bad enough for individual families but terrible for a society that contains them. It’s a recipe for mass social problems.

BEWARE: There is a logical fallacy at work when liberals argue that: "I had 3 b******s by different men but they all turned out fine!"


1. That’s what you think, ma’am.

I wonder what your children have in their hearts, due to their disordered upbringing? I wonder what strangers would think of them, after spending some time with them?

2. If yours are decent children, if doesn’t follow that this is the case with ALL such children.

It’s the odds, you see. You can’t buck the odds, long term. The odds determine everything, except God’s Grace.

Across a population and over time, what are the odds that children from broken homes will end up as settled, decent adults, having loving homes for their own children?

Would you bet a tenner? Twenty quid?

Or would you bet a tenner that, say, 3 out of 10 kids from broken homes will either end up in trouble at school, in the dock at the courthouse or in hospital with a baby? Would you think your money would be safe?

What are the odds such children will make bad matches themselves in adulthood?
What kind of odds would you get if they get ‘taken into care’ i.e. prison, in all but name?

Answer: short ones!

This is the ugly side of the Fornicating Generation. Selfish b******s are making broken children who are statistically more likely to repeat the cycle of woe.

Now, factor that across a society that says divorce and fornication are legal rights. Then extrapolate across a period of 100 years. What do you think will happen?

Grosse Britannia weeps at emotive television programs and snarls at those who say ‘nay’ to her selfish desires. She thinks the gummint should do something, whenever there’s a crisis, anywhere. Which is every day, according to the yellow press. Is someone, somewhere, hurting? Then the gummint should do something! Our news media is an unending pity-party, when its not frothing with umbrage.

Or, if the gummint does something, what it is doing is wrong. It should do something more … left-wing. Which involves spending tax revenue. Which is other people’s money. Which Grosse Brittania thinks is free. Except it isn’t.

Her male equivalent, Jack Itin, is a drone. A pale, weak, dandy who panders to the termagant above, while lusting after her fatherless, slutty daughter. He takes drugs, fornicates, is vaguely ‘spirichool’. He is very much against The System but not educated enough to argue a workable alternative, thanks to years of child-centred schooling.

Three generations of these sissies think that getting paid to not work is not only normal, but righteous. They do not know nor care that the state is deeply in debt, the interest on which must be paid by those who work.

No! The Dole Must Flow!

Now, behind this genus of idea viruses is a combination of Leftism and Marketing.

Leftism wants to overthrow the existing order BUT only so that Leftists may instate themselves and maintain the constant Revolution. Absent a coherent moral system, they revert to etiquette; a set of manners which arise unconsciously. Currently, they strive to outdo each other in tolerance for evil.

Marketing knows that emotion sells.
Reason doesn’t sell. Holiness doesn’t sell.
Evil sells, pride sells, greed sells and selfishness sells.

Result: degraded media and a populace with a head full of bad ideas. The latest one is that sodomites are lovely, special people, who must not be disparaged. Sissies are great and conservatives are stupid or bigots. As a conservative, I doubt that 1 in 500 people who hold leftist views could articulate how they came to hold them.

Ah, if only the world were truly peaceful enough to indulge such unreason. It’s just that people who promote such views aren’t the one’s who’ll be marching into battle to deal with consequences.

Dear reader, read the signs of the times.

When you see abomination in the holy places, it’s time to prepare for the end; either for death of the body, which comes to all eventually, or the death of your society, which comes when it embraces corruption, or the Final Coming, of which only God knows the hour.

I pray God wakes us up in a peaceful manner soon. The alternative will be terrible. We have forgotten as a people that God is the Great Judge. His Judgement is inevitable. His Mercy is at His discretion. The modern Catholic thinks that His Mercy is inevitable and His Judgement will be favourable to all except the greatest villains.

Unfortunately, there is no historical, doctrinal or traditional support for this proposition.