Telecom Tips

A couple of sites to get cheapo calls at. give very cheap calls via your normal land line. Probably not
as cheap as Skype, but no fiddling with software involved, excellent
signal quality.

I can usually tell I’m being called on a cheapo VOIP line, as they’re
often half-duplex, so if you talk, the other guy can’t. Or have they

Another trick is if you pick up the receiver of a ringing phone, and say
‘hello’, and if you hear nothing but a slight hiss for half a second,
that’s your cue to say "I’m sorry, I don’t want any financial products"
and put the receiver down.

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[The half second is the voice-recognition software kicking in]

Probably old-hat to USA folk, but starting to be more common in the UK. I’ve also had some auto-dialled ads. ‘Phone spam!

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